Bentwood Cafe Fitzroy

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Grilled Salmon w. Zucchini Zoodles – $22.0

BENTWOOD CAFE, FITZROY: Bentwood only opened up this year, but being part of the Melbourne mega-brunch group of Tinker, My Other Brother etc. it really sets the brunch expectations high in the trendy suburb of Fitzroy. Furnished with a rustic, brick interior, complete with high ceilings, Bentwood has plenty of unique and innovative dishes like their famous Golden Gaytime Panna Cotta, or Butterfly Chia pudding that is sure to leave a delicious, lasting impression!

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Butterfly Chia Pudding – $17.5

The good fat: The Butterfly Chia pudding complete with a creamy dollop of Coyo, buckwheat peanut clusters, and fresh fruits of strawberry and pomegranate is a creative and colourful dessert. A refreshing, juicy crunch from the pomegranate seeds, a slight sour and chewy texture from the dried mango provide subtle twists in flavour and texture. The highlight comes from the delicious amalgamation of the satisfying nutty crunch of the peanut and buckwheat clusters, with the gelatinous texture of the blue chia pudding, and lastly, the smooth, yet grounded flavours of Coyo. It’s rare to have such a innovative, yet pleasant blend of textures that work so well together! The sweetness of the dried mango also provides an extra little sugary, fruity kick without overpowering the rest of the healthy flavours.

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Heirloom Carrots – $19.0

It has always been a goal to try Melbourne’s latest invention – zucchini noodles, so naturally, it was an immediate TICK when I spotted them on Bentwood’s menu. The zoodles were cool, refreshing and crunchy in texture – perfect width to mimic pasta! The salmon was grilled so perfectly – slightly pink and tender on the inside, permeating with a light sesame earthiness and a gorgeous, crispy skin. The calovo nero (Italian kale) on top was a great garnish, and the salad mixed with the zoodles consisted of small calamari-esque rings, making it an all-round refreshing and healthy seafood brunch!

The bad fat: The srirarcha was a bit overpowering in terms of its spiciness and a bit of sweetness/soy would’ve been great on the salmon to counteract that, to give it an extra complexity of flavour, consolidating its slight Asian twist.


YEP! Beautiful presentation, innovative food and a refreshingly cool, rustic interior, Bentwood Fitzroy has already made an impressive mark on Melbourne’s brunch scene – so be sure to check it out!



2wofatgirls would like to thank Bentwood Fitzroy for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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