2 Week USA Road Trip

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Forrest Gump Point, Utah

Roadtripping is probably my favourite form of travel, as it combines the freedom of stopping at whichever sites you like, with the thrill of organising your own trip and the fun of snacking in the backseat if you’re not the unlucky designated driver.

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USA West Coast Roadtrip (Last leg was on the coast but Google maps won’t change it :()


This quintessential USA West Coast roadtrip (Google Maps link here) took us just almost 3 weeks, stopping and starting in San Francisco, encompassing almost 10 US National Parks, and driving over all sorts of terrain, from coast, to desert to snow in our 4WD. From hiking, to city-sightseeing, to shopping, we covered it all!

This was our trip overview and each destination has its own special post dedicated to it – because the scenery was just so incredibly surreal and diversified it definitely warrants its own page. Whoever decided to gift USA all this amazing terrain really should’ve shared some with Australia down here because apart from beaches we’re feeling a bit left out 😦

Day 1 – Arrive at SFO

Day 2, 3 – Yosemite National Park

Day 4, 5 – Death Valley National Park

Day 6 – Grand Canyon South Rim

Day 7 – Antelope Canyon (Page)

Day 8 – Arches National Park

Day 9 – Canyonlands National Park

Day 10 – Highway 12 Scenic Byway Drive (Capital Reef National Park)

Day 11 – Bryce National Park

Day 12 – Zion National Park

Day 13 – Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Day 14 – Highway One Scenic Drive

Day 15, 16, 17 – San Francisco

I definitely didn’t feel that this was too rushed, because in Winter, a lot of the day-long or backcountry hikes are closed and also not really family-friendly, but rather suited for the intrepid, experienced hiker. We had plenty of time to do all the major hikes in each destination, and also made it home early enough to unwind and relax before the next day.



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