Seven Star Pocha

OMG - my hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in Melbourne has come to end... in an UNEXPECTED location. Seven Star Pocha located in the acclaimed Korean restaurant hub that is Healey Lane is famous for its spicy chicken feet (and all-round spice menu) and dark vibey mood of a classic Korean restaurant you … Continue reading Seven Star Pocha

Dari Korean Cafe Melbourne

Dari Korean Café and Bar is a newly opened, family-owned restaurant nestled in the classic Melbourne trademark that is Hardware lane. With a special focus on home-made, family-styled Korean sandwiches and baguettes, Dari is a Melbourne café that makes a great stopover for a quick lunch break or a cosy catch up with friends over … Continue reading Dari Korean Cafe Melbourne

Scoopy Milk Bar

HWKR (EQ apartments) is back with more great options for all your Asian dessert needs, this time featuring Scoopy Milk Bar and their delicious bingsu. This Korean shaved ice dessert not only looks amazing with its abundant toppings, but is also the perfect light, refreshing treat to brighten up your day - so make sure … Continue reading Scoopy Milk Bar

Mansae Korean BBQ and Bar

MANSAE KOREAN BBQ AND BAR, MELBOURNE CBD: Korean BBQ is one of the highly sought after cuisines in the student-heavy, Melbourne city centre so it is no surprise that Mansae Korean BBQ has popped up along A'Beckett St, just recently keen to serve a new wave of customers. As Korean BBQ is our go-to choice when … Continue reading Mansae Korean BBQ and Bar

Yeonga Korean BBQ

YEONGA KOREAN BBQ, NORTH MELBOURNE: Korean BBQ restaurants are the perfect place for large group gatherings and has become a type of tradition for our university group of friends to go. So, most of my Korean BBQ ventures in Melbourne have all been with the same group of people, and we've managed to try quite a … Continue reading Yeonga Korean BBQ

Yong Green Food

YONG GREEN FOOD, FITZROY: So this is definitely one restaurant that I do NOT understand the hype of. After reading amazing reviews on Zomato about how they've managed to procure delicious Asian-inspirsed dinners from all vegetarian ingredients, I was expecting an interesting and unique dining experience but was completely disappointed. I found this place overpriced for … Continue reading Yong Green Food

ABC Korean Chicken!

ABC CHICKEN, MELBOURNE CBD: I'm ALWAYS up for fried chicken (unless it's one of those sad dieting days) and of course Korean fried chicken is even better! As ABC Chicken is one of my Korean friend's favourite place, I decided I needed to try this out - but was thoroughly disappointed... Soy Garlic Boneless Half Chicken … Continue reading ABC Korean Chicken!

Drums for Drumtong

DRUMTONG KOREAN BBQ: In a little Korean BBQ hot spot on Little Lonsdale Street, we came here in a group of 11 to celebrate end of exams! The vibes are nice and cosy, with a unique idea of having "bin" like chairs where you can put your bags etc. inside to save space. In general, … Continue reading Drums for Drumtong

Chop Chop BBQ Time

CHOP SHOP KOREAN BBQ, SWANSTON STREET: Relatively new Korean BBQ joint with a relatively clean, spacious interior spanning multiple stories. Overall, decent portion size if you take into account the sides and degree of fullness but overpriced considering that the quantity of the meat was very minimal and flavours were a bit one-sided. BBQ Pork … Continue reading Chop Chop BBQ Time

K for Chicken

GAMI FRIED CHICKEN, MELBOURNE CBD: On the night before the annual White Night event in Melbourne CBD, we decided to take a long walk away from the beginning of the festivities for an early-ish dinner at Gami Fried Chicken on 535 Lonsdale Street. It's a little bit hard to find as it's off the side … Continue reading K for Chicken