Willsmere Station Cafe

Willsmere Station is a trendy, brunch café in a quiet area of Kew, that has turned into night time bar, featuring heavy inspirations drawn from the Middle East and Turkey. With moody music, neon lighting and a cosy interior, Willsmere Station is definitely a unique option that one hasn't seen many of in Melbourne, and … Continue reading Willsmere Station Cafe

Station Grind Cafe

Station Grind Café is a spacious and modernly chic café - rightly named so, being such a short walk away from Fairfield Station. Being newly opened and already teeming with locals even on weekday mornings, it's guaranteed to soon become that bustling, "go-to" Fairfield cafe! With hipster murals, and an interior wall layout that inspires … Continue reading Station Grind Cafe

Little Byrd

Little Byrd is a quaint but bustling café in Ascot Vale that pulls inspiration from the Middle East and Mediterranean - a trend that seems to be picking up in the Melbourne cafe scene. The little brother of the famous Shanklin Cafe, Little Byrd offers a wide range of dishes sure to satisfy your brunching needs, … Continue reading Little Byrd

Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns in Abbotsford is a cafe that features one of the nicest interiors that I have ever seen from all Melbourne breakfast spots! With light timber walls, high white ceilings, chic ceiling lights dangling from dainty wires, and the cutest cabin-like booths on the side! The natural lighting that streams through each morning just … Continue reading Kitty Burns

Heritage Wall

Heritage Wall in Camberwell is a small cafe close to the train station with seating both inside and out along the busy Burke Road. With a Modern Eastern twist on classic brunch dishes, we were delighted with the various spices used to add their own flair. A personal favourite and must-get for us would have … Continue reading Heritage Wall

Chicken or the Egg Cafe

CHICKEN OR THE EGG CAFE, CANTERBURY: My first official Melbourne brunch of 2019 is a venture down the renowned Maling Road, for Chicken of the Egg Cafe on the busy Australia Day public holiday. Blue skies, gentle breeze, and spacious white timber tables - it was a perfect day to sit outside in the morning, enjoying … Continue reading Chicken or the Egg Cafe

Tamper Trap

THE TAMPER TRAP, BRIGHTON: Bayside will always have special place in my heart, having grown up next to the beach and being able to see it every day. It is the friendliest neighbourhood, filled with lots of energetic puppies, students of all ages looking for the cute baristas, and the oldies who have conversations to share. … Continue reading Tamper Trap

Enter Neighbour

ENTER NEIGHBOUR, CAMBERWELL: A new brunch cafe that adds to the string of new Melbourne cafes that seem to be opening endlessly, but Enter Neighbour holds its ground as a small, cosy cafe in the outer skirts of Camberwell - that hopefully, soon becomes a household cafe in the area. The quality of food is of … Continue reading Enter Neighbour

MOB Camberwell

MOB CAMBERWELL: I'm gradually working my way through the Tinker, Penta, Clubhouse etc. Melbourne café monopoly so it was great to tick My Other Brother off the list. Just opposite the Camberwell Fresh Food Market, MOB Camberwell is a café that seems rather cosy from the outside, but in reality, extends into a large, vibrant, … Continue reading MOB Camberwell

Docasa Ivanhoe

DOCASA, IVANHOE: Once again we ventured to the Northern suburbs of Melbourne to the pleasant surprise that was Docasa. Already a well established local café, it's really no surprise to see the swarm of people filtering in throughout the entire day, even at seemingly quite hours between meals. The Italian owner is not only passionate … Continue reading Docasa Ivanhoe