Barlog Espresso

The team behind the hugely successful Fledgling Espresso in Carlton have embarked on a new project, Barlog Espresso nestled in the high rises of Docklands - featuring another STELLAR french toast, whilst not compromising the quality of all the other dishes on their menu. Definitely an inner city brunch cafe worth checking out! The good … Continue reading Barlog Espresso

The Guilty Moose

The Guilty Moose is a beautiful beachside brunch spot in the lovely suburb of Albert Park, a stone's away from the lapping waters of St Kilda beach. With an open, green outdoors area that is guaranteed to be a hit in summer, The Guilty Moose also features some of the most unique brunch dishes drawing … Continue reading The Guilty Moose

Gabriel Fitzroy

Middle Eastern-inspired brunch in the middle of Fitzroy is a recipe for success and that's exactly what Gabriel Fitzroy manages to encapsulate. It has options for classic brunch favourites like eggs benedict, whilst tossing in a few exciting, innovative options like pork pinwheels, panko crumbed eggplant and even a sharing mezze-like platter! The good fat: A … Continue reading Gabriel Fitzroy

Aarons & Co Cafe

Aarons and Co is a newly opened Melbourne café in Elsternwick that offers a lovely open interior and plenty of accessibility for a relaxing meal. Altogether this makes it perfect for a Melbourne bayside catchup cafe with family and friends. The combination of its welcoming decor, the crisp morning air and of course, the FOOD … Continue reading Aarons & Co Cafe

Saint James Malvern

Saint James Malvern is on a quiet section of Malvern Road, and a small interior that is always quite popular with locals, from those stopping by a coffee before work, or those popping in after an early morning jog! They recently launched a new menu, with new features like the old charcoal activated hotcakes have … Continue reading Saint James Malvern

Tamper Trap

THE TAMPER TRAP, BRIGHTON: Bayside will always have special place in my heart, having grown up next to the beach and being able to see it every day. It is the friendliest neighbourhood, filled with lots of energetic puppies, students of all ages looking for the cute baristas, and the oldies who have conversations to share. … Continue reading Tamper Trap

St Rose

ST ROSE CAFE, ESSENDON: I just can't seem to get enough of the brunch group behind No. 19 Society and all its sister cafes that are now rapidly monopolising the North side of Melbourne and turning it into a super trendy, cafe hotspot with its own suite of unique flavours and delicious breakfast combinations. St Rose … Continue reading St Rose

Torpe Cafe

TORPE CAFE, ARMADALE: Torpe Cafe is a relative newcomer to the Melbourne brunch scene and has a few dishes up its sleeve that can impress a frequent brunch-goer. Towards the quieter, suburban area of Armadale, Torpe Cafe makes for a convenient brekky stop or catch up for locals, with a menu that also easily caters for … Continue reading Torpe Cafe

Enter Neighbour

ENTER NEIGHBOUR, CAMBERWELL: A new brunch cafe that adds to the string of new Melbourne cafes that seem to be opening endlessly, but Enter Neighbour holds its ground as a small, cosy cafe in the outer skirts of Camberwell - that hopefully, soon becomes a household cafe in the area. The quality of food is of … Continue reading Enter Neighbour

MOB Camberwell

MOB CAMBERWELL: I'm gradually working my way through the Tinker, Penta, Clubhouse etc. Melbourne café monopoly so it was great to tick My Other Brother off the list. Just opposite the Camberwell Fresh Food Market, MOB Camberwell is a café that seems rather cosy from the outside, but in reality, extends into a large, vibrant, … Continue reading MOB Camberwell