There's always an element of familiarity and homely deliciousness that comes along with any visit to an Asian restaurant - and Niubi, a newly opened 4-storey venue tucked away in the alleys of Heffernan Lane in Melbourne's Chinatown, is no exception. Their concept is not only fusion Asian cuisine, but also somewhat of a fusion … Continue reading Niubi

Panda Hot Pot

Prepare to be transported to the flavours of Sichuan, China, as you reach the welcoming, grand entrance of Panda Hot Pot (蜀大侠老火锅). From the Wuxia-inspired wood carvings adorning each booth, the golden-laced decor dotting the walls, the elegantly placed Chinese pluck zither (古箏), and of course, the impressive dragon hanging majestically from the ceiling - … Continue reading Panda Hot Pot

Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express

DAINTY SICHUAN NOODLE EXPRESS: A quick, cheap dinner for a Sichuan chilli fix in Emporium with the whole package: the bustling, Asian vibes, quick food arrival. It's a very fast-paced eating environment without table service as you line up and place your order immediately before being seated. The food came extremely rapidly and definitely captures the … Continue reading Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express

Le Charme

Le Charme is an elegant, Pan-Asian restaurant in the heart of Chinatown that has an incredible $30 "Feed Me" menu that seriously makes you feel like you get your money's worth of quality, fusion food - 4 entrees, 1 main and 1 dessert... what a great deal for a Melbourne city restaurant! With a uniquely … Continue reading Le Charme

David’s Spicy Pot

David's Spicy Pot is one Sichuan malatang restaurant that has jumped onto the hype-train within the Melbourne city. A beautiful, cosy two-storey restaurant on Russell Street, David's Spicy Pot is an extension of the main, David's Hot Pot restaurant is now bringing the flavours of Sichuan to all over Australia. With over 70 ingredients, the … Continue reading David’s Spicy Pot

Qipo Skewer Bar

I've always wanted to try Sichuan Skewer hot pot and so it was the perfect opportunity to try at Qipo Skewer Bar in Melbourne city - tucked upstairs in an apartment block in Sunderland Lane, Qipo Skewer Bar is a relatively new restaurant capitalising on the popularity of Sichuan hot pot in Melbourne. With skewers … Continue reading Qipo Skewer Bar

Olinda Tea House

Our day trip to Olinda Tea House was an ideal, relaxing escape into the sprawling Dandenong Ranges away from the business of city life. The autumn foliage of the Olinda gardens, the impeccable customer service, along with the beautifully executed Chinese dishes - Olinda Tea House provided us with a truly memorable dining experience in … Continue reading Olinda Tea House

Dragon Hot Pot

Dragon Hot Pot has been popping up everywhere around Melbourne and it's no surprise to see why! Cherish the opportunities when you can get a seat into this hot pot mega restaurant without having to line up despite there being multiple locations within 5 minutes walk of each other. The concept is fun and exciting … Continue reading Dragon Hot Pot

Lilong by Taste of Shanghai

Lilong by Taste of Shanghai, a popular Chinese franchise originating from Sydney, is a nice getaway inside Melbourne Central for those seeking some traditional Chinese home-cooking, with simple dumpling dishes, ranging to a nicer splurge in the form of crab or barramundi dishes. Being the first day of the Chinese New Year 2019, the restaurant … Continue reading Lilong by Taste of Shanghai

Shanghai Red

SHANGHAI RED, CHADSTONE: Shanghai Red is a huge Chinese food mecca just recently opened up in Chadstone Shopping Centre. With a large spacious interior that suits a traditional family gathering or a smaller, more intimate affair, Shanghai Red is yet another Shanghainese restaurant that engenders a delight and nostalgia in me like no other spot in … Continue reading Shanghai Red