Melbourne’s Best Desserts

“The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” Or in my case, it’s very much DESSERT. You’ll be challenged to find someone who has a sweet tooth that can rival mine (challenge accepted)… from gelato, to cheesecake, to croissants… the amount of sugar my body can take in one sitting without a sugar overload even surprises me at times.

Gelato for breakfast, cheesecake for brunch, Parisian pastries for the entire day (13 between 2 people hehe), I’ve been there and done it all. HOWEVER, if there is one thing you should know about me, is that I shy away from cooked fruit in desserts… I love fruit on its own, but once it’s gone through a combination of chopping, mixmaster-ing, 180 degrees fan force baking and who knows what else, the weirdly sweet/sour taste and incoherent textures are just not my vibe.

So it’s about time I shared a list of my personal favourite dessert spots in Melbourne (I would, without hesitation take any visiting friends or family to each of them), with a link to their review/website and a suggested order from each! Most of these are all located in the CBD.

Pidapipo, Carlton (Read): 1 scoop of gelato ($4.8). Known for being cheap AND delicious as an absolute CULT FAVOURITE, this is a must visit pit stop for anyone (trust me it’s NOT overrated!). If you don’t get the pistachio it’s just blasphemous (still hands down the best pistachio gelato I’ve ever had). Even though they’re famous for the Nutella swirl.

Lavezzi Gelato, Carlton (Read): 1 scoop of gelato ($4.9). HAZELNUT (for anyone who loves a thick, rich and creamy hazelnut, Lavezzi does my favourite one by far, over Pidapipo)

Agathe Patisserie, Melbourne CBD and South Melbourne Market (Read): Almond Croissant ($8.0). Going to go out on a limb and say that I prefer Agathe over cult favourite Lune mostly because the almond croissant from Lune is too sweet for my liking.

Brunetti, Melbourne CBD and Carlton (Read Part I and Part II): Almost consider this the birthplace of 2wofatgirls and their never-ending cake cabinet is a true site to behold. My personal favourites include all their cheesecakes 😉 so just try anything!

American Donut Kitchen, Melbourne CBD (Read): Hot Jam Donuts (4 for $5). Just follow the line of people leading up to the van ;). Hot jam bursting through the chewy dough really hits the spot!

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts, Melbourne CBD (Read): Maple Walnut and Brown Butter ($5.5). Something magical about what they’ve done with their doughnuts…

Daniel’s Donuts, Various Locations (Read): Jam and Cream Donut ($3.5). A classic donut does not get better than this.

A Dozen A Dozen, Carlton (Read): Souffle Pancakes. A taste of Japan in the heart of Melbourne and a very recent visit OMG SO FLUFFYYYY, and not overpriced like the other Japanese souffle pancake places that have opened up shop in Australia

Koko Black, Various Locations (Read): Hot Chocolate or Iced Chocolate. Expensive but most indulgent chocolate drink I’ve ever had…

Mork Hot Chocolate, North Melbourne (Read): Campfire Hot Chocolate ($8.0). There’s nothing quite like this!

So there you have it. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment!


2wofatgirls would like to note that some blog posts are also from a few years back but the “must-order” items have still remained!

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