Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is absolutely worth the trip if you’re visiting Uluru. It’s a 3 hour drive for one main hike a few scenic stops on the way so it can be easily done in a day. Again, plan your hiking times accordingly to avoid being a roast chicken in the Australian dessert.

Impressive canyon views

Fortunately, our expected 40 degree day turned out to be in the mild 20s, we didn’t have to get up at 4am for the 4 hour Kings Canyon Rim Walk, but at a much more agreeable 6am instead. Kings Canyon resort is the only place you can stay at, and it’s about 15 minutes to the walk. There were a surprising number of tours – and starting the walk before the desert sun is up is A MUST. The thought of hiking up 500 unsteady rocky steps with the sun glaring on your back is not something I jump at. Labelled as strenuous, the hike itself is only tough at the beginning with the steps, after that it’s just a casual stroll around the rim of this expansive canyon.

Many scenic spots along the way

The landscape varies beautifully, with spinifex fields, to big drops into the gorge, to the “Garden of Eden” – a waterhole that only the TRULY lucky get to see a waterfall because it’s honestly, VERY VERY DRY. But having seen photos online, I can say that post-rain, this would’ve been gorgeous.

4 hours is a very decent time for the Rim Walk – we stopped in plenty of places with no rush, to snack and for photo ops!

Mt Conner a.k.a. “fake Uluru”

On our 3 hour drive back to Yulara we stopped by the Mt Conner lookout – a distant rocky mountain in the background that many consider a “fake Uluru” – or travellers are simply tricked into thinking this is the famous rock itself. In reality, it’s quite a bit flatter on top, and takes a far unsealed road to get to.


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