The Penny Drop

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Mr. Säam Benedict – $21.0

THE PENNY DROP, BOX HILL: When you here Box Hill you don’t think of brunch but the Penny Drop does a fantastic job of incorporating Asian flavours into a traditional, Melbourne brunch menu. With a very open interior aesthetic, and a variety of options and daily specials, the Penny Drop is a great option for those in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs looking for a delicious brunch getaway. Highlight of the day would have to be the crispy soft shell crab, and the dorito calamari!

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Matcha Pancake – $19.0

The good fat: Fried soft shell crab is always a must-get whenever it’s on the menu for me so we didn’t hesitate to select this option! The crab itself was fried to a golden texture – the crispiness of the shell an interesting and welcome contrast to the softness of the spring onion pancakes which were rolled with beanshoot salad inside. The kimchi hollandaise had a sweet and spicy flavour which was unique and delicious.

Have you ever seen doritos on a brunch?! Melbourne is already unique enough with its brunch options but doritos paired with calamari is ANOTHER LEVEL. The daily special, which should really stay on as a staple, was a calamari-salad styled dish with dorito crumbs instead of a traditional tempura-styled breadcrumb. The doritos gave the dish a flavoursome, cheesy nacho twist that was SO interesting! Highly recommended if this ever pops up again at Penny Drop!

The matcha pancakes were nice and moist, with great refreshing additions of coconut gel, yuzu pearl and fresh fruit! We also loved all the array of colours presented on our dessert. It was the perfect portion size to share and not at all overwhelmingly sweet – with the sweetest component coming from the matcha ganache.

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Calamari Doritos – $21.0

The bad fat: A huge, problem we had never had to deal with before was the presence of insects fluttering over our dishes – really unsure if this was because our doritos had a large amount of fresh flowers/leaf garnishes but it was really unsettling to have multiple insects constantly flying around the dish and landing in the zucchini flowers/calamari, along with the matcha pancakes… but we didn’t really know how to deal with them either!

The matcha flavours of the pancake were not very strong and I would’ve loved for them to be richer, more bitter and true to the nature of green tea. Whilst I appreciate the Asian twist on the eggs benedict by incorporating the spring onion pancake, the beansprout salad within was a little lacklustre and bland – there was a lack of seasoning within and reminded me a bit of the beansprouts that is usually placed in a hearty bowl of pho, so the whole dish seemed just like a Vietnamese rice paper roll with a soft shell crab.

Box Hill is not known for brunch but the Penny Drop Cafe does a great job in this area! They have creative dishes presented very aesthetically and a wide variety of options that also cater for the large Asian population in this Melbourne suburb.



2wofatgirls would like to thank Penny Drop for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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