I am just an Australian food lover raised in Brisbane, studying in Melbourne, wanting to share my food journeys with you all.

The idea for this website and Instagram was inspired by my high school best friend from Brisbane, who came down to Melbourne at the beginning of 2017. 2wofatgirls – of course, the name inspired by something we had in common 😉 began as a personal hobby to remember all the delicious things we were eating during my friend’s Summer holiday but has now become so much more. Nevertheless, I won’t ever forget the first day I received an invite to a restaurant in May 2017!

Since then, it has always been a pleasure and passion of mine to try the various dining scenes and cuisines all around the world. Eating food is not only a means of filling my tummy, but also taking time to appreciate the story and ingredients behind each dish. There is so much enjoyment in hearing about the chef’s inspirations, commitment and passion buried behind each morsel. Every bite is even more delicious when you can appreciate the time and love that has been dedicated to preparing it!

Lastly, writing about my food and travel journey is not only a way of paying homage to the cuisine, but also a way of treasuring the memories of those around me whom I shared each experience with.