Welcome fellow food lovers! If you’re here you probably love reading about food, talking about food, looking at food and of course… EATING FOOD. Maybe you need some advice on all the deliciousness out there, want to embark on a culinary conquest, or are just procrastinating (and not helping those midnight cravings) either way, as a consistently top 10 Zomato Review and food blogger – we’re here to help.

Discover all sorts of degustation delights as we post unbiased and honest reviews about all our foodie adventures around the world – from Melbourne to Brisbane and London.

Enjoy a simple format where we break down the GOOD FAT and BAD FAT (aka pros and cons), and concludes with our very own, unique fat-o-meter!

Click under blog posts to read, comment or like our reviews and don’t hesitate to give us a follow on Instagram at 2wofatgirls (link on the side) for more satisfyingly scrumptious food porn! Also make sure you check out our latest giveaway under Blogs -> Other 🙂

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