The Dough Co

READY TO BAKE COOKIE DOUGH?! If Melbourne's lockdown X.0 has taught me something - it's the creativity that Melbournians have to offer when it comes to food and baking! The Dough Co is another small business that does just that. I've had gooey cookies, thick cookies, cookie dough tubs but I've never had cookie dough … Continue reading The Dough Co

Aston Lucas Gourmet

"Locally made, always delicious!" This is the motto of Aston Lucas Gourmet, and it just so perfectly captures this family owned, ready-to-eat meal, business. Here's to a week of delicious Italian food during lockdown... so read on to find out more! Despite being only 3 months old, Aston Lucas Gourmet is a story 65 years … Continue reading Aston Lucas Gourmet


If quarantine and lockdown isn't a perfect chance to try healthy, ready meals delivered to your home, then I'm not sure when is. And Soulara was the perfect chance. It's Saturday night, I get the text for my Live Soulara live tracking updates and come Sunday morning, I'm in my pyjamas, picking up a healthy … Continue reading Soulara

Chai and Chocolate Babka

Did you even truly experience isolation if you didn't bake? I decided to put a twist on the classic Chocolate Babka recipe, by incorporating the deliciously aromatic, Prana Chai into a chai-inspired babka. Ingredients 2 tablespoons Prana Chai original blend 70g full cream milk 1 tsp active dry yeast 250 g all-purpose flour, plus extra … Continue reading Chai and Chocolate Babka

Le Petit Jolie

Le Petit Jolie is an exquisite Melbourne, home-based baking studio in Balwyn, headed by the lovely, Jolie. She specialises in handcrafted macarons of various flavour combinations, completing the look with macaron towers, decorated with fresh florals, gift tagging and cake toppers to list a few of the options available. Not only is the ordering process … Continue reading Le Petit Jolie

Sassi Co

DONUT BOUQUET? COOKIE CAKE? You heard me right! If this sounds like all your dessert fantasies coming true then Sassi Co Boxed Goodies is something you just HAVE to check out! Melbourne dessert boxes are becoming the coolest gift around the block, especially for your friends with a HUGE sweet tooth (like me). Who needs a … Continue reading Sassi Co


EOSS YOGHURT (product review): There are some things I can't go without on a daily basis, that includes, egg, milk, fruit and of COURSE yoghurt - my favourite flavour, being Greek Yoghurt. EOSS is an Australian owned company and Melbourne based brand of premium Greek Yoghurt from Carrum Downs. Having won a multitude of titles at the … Continue reading EOSS YOGHURT

400 Gradi Christmas Panettone

In celebration of Fine Food Week in Melbourne, we were lucky enough to be invited to sample the launch of the one-of-a-kind, Gradi Christmas Panettone (Ancient Grain), a collaboration between Gradi's pizza legend Johnny di Francesco with Claudio Grotti from the Masters of Panettone (Maestri Del Lievito Madre) in Parma, Italy to create something truly … Continue reading 400 Gradi Christmas Panettone

Smiles of Melbourne

SMILES OF MELBOURNE, TOORAK: When I was offered a chance for a in-chair teeth whitening experience, I was definitely skeptical at first, unsure of the potential consequences or the entire concept, as it seemed a bit artificial to me. However, after trialling this at Smiles of Melbourne teeth whitening service, I can definitely highly recommend this … Continue reading Smiles of Melbourne

Semplice Cooking

SEMPLICE COOKING EXPERIENCE: Semplice cooking, meaning "simple" in Italian, is headed by the Italian-born, and charismatic, Michele, who offered to provide this incredible experience for us. So what does this entail? Michele, with a strong passion for Italian cooking, brings to your home, all the ingredients for an authentic 3-course Italian meal - but there's also … Continue reading Semplice Cooking