Hot Chocolate Volcano

HASH SPECIALTY COFFEE, MELBOURNE CBD: Easy to miss with just a chic hashtag sign as the front logo, Hash is right opposite the famous Hardware Society which is always packed with huge lines going outside. I wasn’t too interested in their brunch menu as we had come just for the super unique, insta-worthy hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate (85% Mork Chocolate served with a cloud of fairy floss) – $7.0

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.35.26 am

Check out that tower of fairy floss wow..

The good Fat: It’s so much fun to pour the cute little cup of hot chocolate on the colossal tower of fairy floss! But do it quickly otherwise you’ll end up failing like my friend and have that beautiful fluffiness tip over on the side – losing some of that rich chocolatey goodness. It’s also amazingly aesthetic, a true creation that you can’t really find anywhere else. The hot chocolate itself is really rich, it almost feels like drinking liquid chocolate! But I appreciate that it’s also dark chocolate, so it wasn’t too sweet, but rather just very rich and warming to the soul.

The bad fat: As I said it’s quite rich so you get pretty full from drinking all of this – if you’re not a huge chocolate person or get sick of sweet things quite easily this drink probably isn’t for you.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


Yes – Because to be a true Melbournian you have to experience something as unique as a hot chocolate fairy floss tower at least once in your lifetime 🙂

Hash Specialty Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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