Fledgling Espresso

FLEDGLING ESPRESSO, CARLTON NORTH: A rather new entry to the Melbourne brunch scene, Fledgling Espresso is tucked away in a quiet, residential area just north of main bustling centre of Lygon Street. Walking in, we were immediately impressed with the decor of the cafe, with a window area out front decorated in a sunny-white colour scheme for dine in or takeaway coffees, followed by a vibrant, warm garden area out the back furnished with wooden picnic-style furniture. As it was quite a hot, sunny day, we chose to sit inside instead. We ordered two rather unique dishes, the Reese’s panna cotta and the sweet potato + halloumi stack – not sure what to expect, I was very surprised by the elegance of the plating style, the overall taste and combination of different textures provided in each dish we ordered – I would highly recommend this underrated cafe, especially if you want a peaceful sit down with some delicious, instagrammable food!

Reese’s Peanut Spread Panna Cotta w. Shortbread, Fresh Fruit, Coconut – $17.0


The presentation of the panna cotta is just stunning! I didn’t want to ruin this!

The good fat: WOW! I think the picture really speaks for itself so I don’t really need to go on and on about how I love the look of this plating – the vibrant colours and the perfect scoop of panna cotta sitting in the middle is just an artistic masterpiece. The texture of the panna cotta was perfect, very smooth and soft, with the slightest tinge of bounciness. The taste didn’t let it down either – I expected overwhelming sweetness from the Reese’s but instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the balanced amount of dark chocolate with the hints of peanut butter (my favourite!!) just seeping through. The short bread crust added a perfect buttery crunch for added texture and the carefully selected pieces of strawberry and banana gave it that refreshing, fruity sweetness. When you scooped the panna cotta with the shortbread it was just like eating a Reese’s mousse biscuit YUM!

The bad fat: The flavours of the coconut were a bit lost in this – perhaps if it’s listed as an ingredient on the menu I expected a bit more prominence. Also a bit more shortbread crust would be even more delicious!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Sweet Potato and Halloumi Stack w. tomatoes, beetroot puree and cumin yoghurt – $17.0


One of the most delicious brunch dishes I’ve had so far!

The good fat: It’s dishes like this that make me realise how much I’ve missed Melbourne brunching after being in Europe for half a year! Not only did I love the presentation, I was really eager to see how everything would work together. A very unique combination of ingredients in this plate that I hadn’t heard of before – both of which I love as standalones, so I was quite excited to see how the sweet potato and halloumi together would be like. Halloumi is starting to become a really popular cheese in main meals (not just as chips hhe) and it was delicious to have this paired with sweet potato – the perfectly roasted sweet potato meant that it was soft and sweet, subtly complementing the stronger, savoury cheesiness from the halloumi. When you bit everything down together, the cumin yoghurt added the slightest bit of spicy sourness and the much lighter, beetroot puree with its purple grainy texture soaked to soften the sourdough – and lastly, the small bite of tomato was a burst of juiciness to the otherwise, drier dish. So much deliciousness in one mouthful!

The bad fat: We had to add the poached egg which just made it the quintessential, creative, Melbourne brunch dish – I would love for it to be a standard part of the stack!

Fat-o-meter: 5/5


YES – Stunning presentation, delicious flavours from an underrated, local cafe that is bound to take the Melbourne brunch scene by storm some day

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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