Dragon Hot Pot

Dragon Hot Pot has been popping up everywhere around Melbourne and it’s no surprise to see why! Cherish the opportunities when you can get a seat into this hot pot mega restaurant without having to line up despite there being multiple locations within 5 minutes walk of each other. The concept is fun and exciting – you get a massive pot and fill it with anything you want, pick your own soup base and pay for the weight.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 11.02.32 pm

My mega hot pot of malatang

The good fat: There’s such a huge variety of things to put into your hot pot! Starting with a column of veggies that just disappear into the soup, to different sorts of noodles – the handmade pulled noodles are a must get!! Then you progress to various types of classic hotpot meats like lamb, beef and pork, different fish balls made from all sorts of seafood, interesting Chinese things like internal organs e.g. duck liver, duck blood, and even a huge variety of  different sorts of seafood, like mussels, pipis, bay bug and even crab! There is guaranteed something for everyone at Dragon Hot Pot!

My absolute must gets each time would definitely be a couple of the prawn balls, and the handmade noodles – for a mild soup base. For non-spicy lovers, the collagen bone soup is so hearty, and warming to the soul, encapsulating the Chinese idea of “xiang”. But of course, Dragon Hot Pot is supposed to be Sichuan malatang, so for spice lovers this really is heaven. There is spicy and extra spicy, as well as the option for ADDING EXTRA CHILLI OIL AND FLAKES – and I get sweats just looking at people with their bright red bowls. Regardless, the mild malatang soup base at Dragon Hot Pot is perfect for me and entails a unique scent of spiciness and chilli that would be perfect for Winter.

The bad fat: Nothing – just don’t get anything you don’t like?! Do tell them your spice tolerance though because I’ve tried mild before and it was milder than other times which was too spicy for me to handle (I have low tolerance) Also a little upset that they didn’t have the wagyu on the day I went because I’d seen it before and it was so delicious!


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