Yo-chi Frozen Yoghurt

YO-CHI FROZEN YOGHURT, CARLTON: It’s been quite a few years since the froyo craze started in Australia so that froyo has really become somewhat of a long lost, high school teenage memory that I can reminisce once in a while. It’s been years since I’ve had frozen yoghurt and I never realised Yochi had such a huge, spacious store on Lygon Street in the middle of the Italian precinct! They have around 8 dispensing machines with a wide variety of toppings placed around an island in the middle of the massive store. It’s also great to see that they have options of yoghurt based smoothies, sundaes and the like. You can also feel healthy by its guiltless signs promoting 98% fat free and 100% natural yoghurt.

Frozen Yoghurt – $3.2/100g


What a lovely trio of neapolitan colours!

The good fat: I can’t tell if it’s because this frozen yoghurt was so delicious or it’s just because I haven’t had it for so long that it reminds me of high school days, but the froyo was actually really delicious! They allow you to try before you buy and the texture of all 3 flavours were great – a perfect balance of thick and thin to draw the line between an icecream + yoghurt hybrid. It was also quite creamy and smooth. The Persian Delight (Persian rose water) definitely surprised me – I was expecting more of an artificial sugary, Turkish Delight type concept, but instead it was subtly sweet, a little fruity and very refreshing to provide contrast to our other two choices. Their signature flavour, the “tart”, was a mixture between thick creamy vanilla and lemon cheesecake – being the biggest fan of cheesecake ever, I really loved the thickness of this, with the hints of cream cheese coming through as if I was eating thick, cheesecake flavoured yoghurt mmmm YUM. The chocolate almond (made with 100% almond yoghurt) was the perfect option just to satisfy our chocolate cravings for the day, as it wasn’t overly sweet, but instead, dark and rich.

The bad fat: Quite expensive so I’m hoping it’s because you pay for the quality of the yoghurt. Without feeling like we dispensed much into container, it suddenly turned out to be nearing the $8.0 mark and we had not used any toppings (the comparison becomes more stark when you realise Pidapipo is literally just across the road oops!). I also wish that the almond nuttiness was a bit more predominant in the chocolate yoghurt especially if they mentioned that it was made from 100% almond yoghurt.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5


YES – I miss froyo and I loved the thick, quality texture they had here with their variety of rotating flavours.

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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