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QT KITCHEN, GLEN IRIS: I’ve never ventured this far down High Street before but was willing to do for some quality Vietnamese food. QT Kitchen was definitely a place full of surprises for us. Not only was the interior stunningly designed, with a modern refurbished bar area and a South-East Asian straw hut hub, the variety of options available on their menu and the quality of their dishes definitely provided for a very wholesome dining experience. The multiple groups of people that came in during our very off-peak dining time on a Wednesday lunch was unsurprising, given the excellent and spacious atmosphere, amalgamated with a flavour-packed menu and signature cocktails. Also cannot forget the amazing customer service and hospitality we were received with, both waiters were very professional, polite and courteous in their behaviour that just made our experience all the more memorable. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone around the Southern suburbs!

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An inventive way to incorporate South East Asia into the decor!

QT Girl w. Lychee dry rice wine, lime syrup, grenadine & fresh mint – $14.0

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Tropical (mango) mocktail + Lychee cocktail

The good fat: Definitely the yummiest cocktail I’ve had. Not only was the lychee fresh and prominent in the cocktail, the lime and mint gave it a subtle acidic sourness for extra contrast. The presentation with the umbrella perfectly suited the Vietnamese vibe of the restaurant.

The bad fat: Couldn’t really taste the alcohol at all so it kind of tasted like a mocktail…

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Soft Shell Crab w. Fried Lime, Black Pepper and Chilli Mayo – $16.0

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Two delicious entrees: soft shell crab (front) + gluten free spring rolls (back)

The good fat: Can you ever go wrong with soft shell crab? This was crispy on the outside and melted in the mouth as soon as you bit through the golden coating. The chilli mayo was the perfect sauce to accompany it. A dash of green, spicy salad on the side was a delightful addition.

The bad fat: A stronger taste coming intrinsically from the crab would be even better so it doesn’t have to rely on the outside extras.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

QT Hand-made GF Spring Rolls w. Crisp Lettuce and Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce, Prawn and Free Range Pork – $12.0

The good fat: Definitely a unique twist to a standard spring roll. The green really surprised us, but the coating was delicately crunchy with a flavoursome filling inside full of prawn and pork, with mushrooms and carrot – a very classic South East Asian filling!

The bad fat: The texture of the spring roll was a little strange, as it was quite chewy and hard to cut through, which wasn’t expected. The filling itself, without the nuoc cham sauce would have been slightly lacking.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Crispy whole baby snapper, citrus and mango salsa, hot tamarind caramel – $32.0

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WOW.. is there anything more to say?!

The good fat: Seafood is just a go to for us and this snapper was cooked to perfection. Having only had a whole fish in Chinese family styled restaurants, we were only too eager to chomp our way through. The mango salsa and tamarind caramel provided a thick, sweet and sour flavour which perfectly accompanied the crispiness of the fried snapper. The flesh itself was tender and moist, having been cooked for the perfect amount of time.

The bad fat: More fresh tomatoes and sauce as my share was mopped up rather quickly.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Signature QT Pho w. Wagyu beef tender, beef dumpling, young herbs and sprouts – $17.0

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Wagyu beef and pho?! How could this ever go wrong!

The good fat: The texture of the pho was just excellent – slippery, moist but maintaining a slight degree of chewiness! This was only complemented by the thin slices of wagyu heaped generously in the soup, along with the small chunks of meatballs, so-called “meat dumplings” that reminded me of hot pot. An 18 hour stock did not disappoint, and we could taste the richness of the beef that had seaped into it. A dash of hoisin sauce allowed for that extra tad of saltiness if the soup was found to be a bit light.

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Such light and delicious pho!

The bad fat: Just a little sad that the pho noodles were very short, but not too sure if this indicated quality etc.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

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A simple dessert to cleanse


YES FOR SURE – A fair way away from any major Melbourne hubs, but QT Kitchen still draws a strong crowd, with reasonable prices on delicious South East Asian-fusion food in a gorgeously decorated restaurant

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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Thanks for the stunning time!

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