Zanini Pizzeria

Zanini Pizzeria is a homely Italian restaurant that brings authentic Italian flavours straight to the heart of St Kilda in Melbourne - once again establishing Melbourne as a city dotted with global culinary highlights. With their flagship restaurant in Elwood, Zanini's second location in St Kilda encompasses all you could ask for in an Italian … Continue reading Zanini Pizzeria

Scoopy Milk Bar

HWKR (EQ apartments) is back with more great options for all your Asian dessert needs, this time featuring Scoopy Milk Bar and their delicious bingsu. This Korean shaved ice dessert not only looks amazing with its abundant toppings, but is also the perfect light, refreshing treat to brighten up your day - so make sure … Continue reading Scoopy Milk Bar

Sassi Co

DONUT BOUQUET? COOKIE CAKE? You heard me right! If this sounds like all your dessert fantasies coming true then Sassi Co Boxed Goodies is something you just HAVE to check out! Melbourne dessert boxes are becoming the coolest gift around the block, especially for your friends with a HUGE sweet tooth (like me). Who needs a … Continue reading Sassi Co

St Rose

ST ROSE CAFE, ESSENDON: I just can't seem to get enough of the brunch group behind No. 19 Society and all its sister cafes that are now rapidly monopolising the North side of Melbourne and turning it into a super trendy, cafe hotspot with its own suite of unique flavours and delicious breakfast combinations. St Rose … Continue reading St Rose

Torpe Cafe

TORPE CAFE, ARMADALE: Torpe Cafe is a relative newcomer to the Melbourne brunch scene and has a few dishes up its sleeve that can impress a frequent brunch-goer. Towards the quieter, suburban area of Armadale, Torpe Cafe makes for a convenient brekky stop or catch up for locals, with a menu that also easily caters for … Continue reading Torpe Cafe

Shanghai Red

SHANGHAI RED, CHADSTONE: Shanghai Red is a huge Chinese food mecca just recently opened up in Chadstone Shopping Centre. With a large spacious interior that suits a traditional family gathering or a smaller, more intimate affair, Shanghai Red is yet another Shanghainese restaurant that engenders a delight and nostalgia in me like no other spot in … Continue reading Shanghai Red

Enter Neighbour

ENTER NEIGHBOUR, CAMBERWELL: A new brunch cafe that adds to the string of new Melbourne cafes that seem to be opening endlessly, but Enter Neighbour holds its ground as a small, cosy cafe in the outer skirts of Camberwell - that hopefully, soon becomes a household cafe in the area. The quality of food is of … Continue reading Enter Neighbour

Moshi Moshi

MOSHI MOSHI, PORT MELBOURNE: Moshi Moshi boasts a beautiful seaside location in the lovely, coastal suburb of Port Melbourne. Known for its affordable and fresh buffet menu, which even features sashimi, Moshi Moshi is complete with its latest, unique innovation that is SURE to be a Instagram trend - the sushi donut. So what are you … Continue reading Moshi Moshi

Izakaya Kuuraku

IZAKAYA KUURAKU: Once again, Izakaya Kuuraku is a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne that has provided me with a new, unforgettable dining experience in the form of its newly launching omakase (chef's choice) dinner this November 2018. With the aim of providing a more authentic and more executive Melbourne Japanese dining experience in a quiet private room at … Continue reading Izakaya Kuuraku

Nong Tang Noodle House

NONG TANG NOODLE HOUSE, MELBOURNE CBD: There is something magically nostalgic about eating Shanghainese food for me, especially when it's cooked seamlessly to authenticity just like the way Nong Tang Noodle House does it. A place tucked in Melbourne Chinatown MidCity centre, it faces some of the toughest rivalry with the swarm of casual cheap dining … Continue reading Nong Tang Noodle House