Arcadia Fitzroy

At the risk of sounding like a basic Melbourne millennial, I am proud to admit that it had been exactly 9 months since my last brunch - until we had the post-lockdown luxury of visiting Arcadia Cafe in Fitzroy, and am I glad that this was the cafe we chose. With the turmoils of 2020 … Continue reading Arcadia Fitzroy

Club Colombia

When a restaurant is teeming with locals as soon as it opens on a public holiday, you know you're in for a treat. Club Colombia is a 2-month old restaurant with the aim to transport its customers straight to the heart of Colombia, without leaving the comfort of this Melbourne restaurant, and is every aspect, … Continue reading Club Colombia

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a globally recognised American food chain so we were very excited to finally try the store location in Melbourne Central! The restaurant/bar has a lively location above Swanston Street and offered us a great taste into the delicious and classic, calorie-defying and oil-enriched American food. The good fat: We absolutely loved the look … Continue reading TGI Fridays

Mukka Fitzroy

Mukka Fitzroy is a well-established Indian restaurant, definitely a popular spot that all Melbournians seem to love. With plenty of customers and deliveries even on a Wednesday evening, Mukka impressed us with its homely vibes, and authentic, tasty Indian food that I would highly recommend to any lovers of Indian cuisine! The good fat: A definitely … Continue reading Mukka Fitzroy

Spiked at Jasper

SPIKED AT JASPER, MELBOURNE CBD: Derived from the incredibly popular Melbourne cafe, 3121, Spiked is another project from the same managing team - hoping to undoubtedly create another Melbourne cult food spot, but this time in the CBD! With a stronger focus on pub-based food, Spiked is located in the Jasper Hotel, just 10 seconds away … Continue reading Spiked at Jasper

St Gerry’s

ST GERRY'S POP UP STORE, QV MELBOURNE CBD: After 4 years of being a roaming food truck, St Gerry's has decided to open up its second store in the busy Urban Market Foodcourt of QV. We were excited to attend its launch and sample their simple range of Greek-inspired fried desserts with crazy toppings!   The … Continue reading St Gerry’s

Homi Noodle Bar

HOMI NOODLE BAR, MELBOURNE CBD: With Melbourne cuisine developing on an international scale at such a fast pace, Asian fusion is quickly becoming the next big target market - and Homi definitely does not fail to impress. Complete with Friday night social bar vibes, mouthwatering food, an extensive menu with certain specialties, and an easily affordable … Continue reading Homi Noodle Bar

Tella Balls Dessert Bar

TELLA BALLS DESSERT BAR, MELBOURNE CBD: After several stores opened in Sydney and the Gold Coast, the new crazy dessert trend, Tella Balls has finally decided to open its first store in Melbourne! This is a must-go for anyone who LOVES nutella - seriously cannot think of a better place. The desserts are drenched with thick … Continue reading Tella Balls Dessert Bar

Lavezzi Gelato

LAVEZZI GELATO, CARLTON: That moment when you realise the best gelato you've ever had is in Melbourne even after travelling Europe for 5 months... there's just something about Lavezzi Gelato that just ticks all the boxes for me! I can't get enough of this place - it just so happens that it's right next to the … Continue reading Lavezzi Gelato