Gelato Joy pt. 2

GELATO MESSINA, WINDSOR: Time for the second stop of our Gelato Joy-ful Journey to Gelato Messina in Windsor on Chapel Street. Maybe we went at an off-peak time, but Messina was quite quiet and we were the only customers. The set out is similar to a normal icecream store with the variety of flavours on display through a glass cabinet, which is quite different to Pidapipo which has all its gelato stored in metal tubs (visually not so aesthetic) – which we reviewed in Gelato Joy pt. 1!

After taste testing a few flavours and being absolutely spoilt for choice (probably around 15ish different gelato and sorbet flavours) we settled on a two scoop waffle cone featuring the asianesque flavours of Pandan with Coconut, and Coconut with Lychee… sorry to all of you non-coconut fans out there, we didn’t even realise both our flavours happened to have coconut in them haha as they just happened to be the two best out of our tastings.


I want ALL of them!

The coconut with lychee would be my new fav. The problem with fruity gelato is that they tend to taste like a mouthful of artificially sweet, food flavouring – Messina was nothing like that. The lychee was so refreshing, fruity and flavoursome, it literally tasted like the juice of lychee had been squeezed into making the gelato. The pandan was also quite representative of the classic southeast asian flavour, found in a multitude of asian desserts. In both, the coconut was very subtle and added an extra undertone that was really quite decadent. Having also tried the macadamia crunch, and tiramisu, which are quite standard icecream flavours, I would have to say that the fruit gelato flavours at Messina are definitely the better ones to try.

So what is the conclusion to our Gelato Journey?Messina is slightly pricier than Pidapipo, but barely, especially since Pidapipo increased its price from $4 (quite cheap) for a standard one scoop to $4.50. As for the gelato itself, Pidapipo is slightly softer and creamier than Messina but it varies depending a bit on the flavour you get.

Go for nutty flavours at Pidapipo and Fruit flavours at Messina, but that being said, both places offer a plethora of soft, creamy and flavoursome gelato that reflect the authenticity of this Italian dessert 🙂 Both places produce AMAZING gelato guaranteed to melt away any worries of your day =) except for maybe the inner health junkie.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

Gelato Messina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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