Scoopy Milk Bar

HWKR (EQ apartments) is back with more great options for all your Asian dessert needs, this time featuring Scoopy Milk Bar and their delicious bingsu. This Korean shaved ice dessert not only looks amazing with its abundant toppings, but is also the perfect light, refreshing treat to brighten up your day - so make sure … Continue reading Scoopy Milk Bar

Lavezzi Gelato

LAVEZZI GELATO, CARLTON: That moment when you realise the best gelato you've ever had is in Melbourne even after travelling Europe for 5 months... there's just something about Lavezzi Gelato that just ticks all the boxes for me! I can't get enough of this place - it just so happens that it's right next to the … Continue reading Lavezzi Gelato

Aqua S

AQUA S, MELBOURNE CBD: So I finally got to try this place after seeing this hyped up ice-cream place open since almost 2 years ago at QV. It was a really sweltering and rainy day in Melbourne and we just couldn't resist the temptation of cold and creamy ice cream as we walked past. To be … Continue reading Aqua S

Emporium Teahouse

KYO TEAHOUSE, EMPORIUM: A relatively newly opened dessert bar in the lower Emporium Foodcourt, Kyo Teahouse specialises in pretty cheap, simple matcha desserts for Asian dessert lovers (like me!). It's usually quite busy and I love how they have different graded matcha with varying levels of bitterness for people to try. Overall, I found their menu … Continue reading Emporium Teahouse

American Food Fiesta

CHIQUITO AND CO, FITZROY:  An awesome, bright and new American diner with 2 huge storeys and windows overlooking the busy Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The staff are very friendly, and the interior is new and homely. The menu options are extremely varied and I would definitely recommend this place for a fun, casual and hunger … Continue reading American Food Fiesta

Gelocchio Greed

GELOCCHIO: A petite, brand new gelateria on Lygon Street, Gelocchio is a branch from its founding store in Cairns - famous for its wide range of authentic, 100% natural gelato flavours, ranging from classic chocolates/cookies and cream to refreshing, tropical fruits such as dragonfruit and mandarin. And this store is no exception. The interior decor … Continue reading Gelocchio Greed

Koko Krazy

KOKO BLACK LYGON STREET: On a quite, Friday afternoon, it was spacious enough to accommodate 10 hungry, eager students. We ordered the Belgian Spoil tasting platter, the dessert degustation for two, and their famous Classic Belgian Iced Chocolate... and left with a feeling of having had enough chocolate for a lifetime. The drink was definitely the … Continue reading Koko Krazy

Picture Perfect Pufflets

PUFFLETS: A relatively new store on Therry Street near Queen Victoria Markets, Pufflets is an Asian dessert store specialising in Hong Kong Street Waffles and egg-based waffley Asian desserts with piles of toppings mixed together. We walked here late on a Saturday night and it was really busy! The interior is small and full of … Continue reading Picture Perfect Pufflets

February Favourites 2017

Wow... one month later and I've made 24 posts! (Yes... it's not February anymore but whatever) So to save all you lazy people from scrolling through, here are my top picks for flavours of this summer in Melbourne. Feel free to eat brunch for breakfast or lunch they both work! (As for dinner, it also … Continue reading February Favourites 2017

Gelato Joy pt. 2

GELATO MESSINA, WINDSOR: Time for the second stop of our Gelato Joy-ful Journey to Gelato Messina in Windsor on Chapel Street. Maybe we went at an off-peak time, but Messina was quite quiet and we were the only customers. The set out is similar to a normal icecream store with the variety of flavours on display … Continue reading Gelato Joy pt. 2