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LE PETIT GATEAU, MELBOURNE CBD: Down the business-y part of Melbourne along Little Collins Street, you can find a petite little cake and coffee store called Le Petit Gateau, which is all the rage these days. (4.9/5 on zomato says something!) As a quick stopover after our filling bagel breakfast, we picked another fruity cake to share (although I’m still waiting for my non-fruity cheesecake!) After tossing up between the Hazelnut Praline Millefeuille and Lychee Dome, we settled for the latter – persuaded by the lychee of course 😀


I could gawk at this for a whole day…

Lychee Dome (w. Vanilla shortcrust base, almond and raspberry sponge, raspberry cremeux with lychee white chocolate mousse)


Finally decided on this!

Altogether, the elements worked quite well together, even though putting prejudices aside, I am not a big fan of fruity desserts. I preferred this subtle lychee balanced with the strong acidic raspberry over the dome cake we had at Bibelot. (compared to Bibelot – Gâteaux Gastronomy)


Layering of the cake in a closeup!

The good fat: The lychee mouse was very fruity and refreshingly sweet, reflecting the juiciness of the lychee fruit. The white chocolate was very subtle so the mousse was quite light in both texture and flavour and was really carried by the authenticity of the lychee flavour. The almond and raspberry sponge at the centre of the cake when cut open was very soft such that it pretty much blended into the mousse. The classic shortcrust base was not too sweet so it just provided an added crunchy texture against the soft, mousse cake.

The bad fat: I would’ve liked a bit more almond flavour in the sponge for that extra non-fruity, but mild kick. The raspberry cremeux came in a very small quantity just underneath the white chocolate piece decorating the mousse. Even so, I found the raspberry very sour and powerful, almost overtaking the light freshness of the lychee.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5


For $9.50, it is on the pricier side of cake desserts in casual cafes, but for that price, you’re rewarded with visual eye candy, welcoming service and a nice area for you to take a seat at.

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

Le Petit Gateau Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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