Chomping on Chokolait

CHOKOLAIT EMPORIUM: We were welcomed by the lovely owner, Ross, who had left a small section of this delightful dessert restaurant just for our university group. We ordered 3 different cakes and Ross even bought out the matcha cheesecake for us to sample on the house! πŸ™‚ All in all, a popular dessert place that did wonders for the dessert monster in me. The cakes, I have to admit, are on the pricier end – averaging around $15 per slice, but this becomes clear with the quality of taste and texture permeating through each piece with a lovely balance of flavours overall.

Green Tea Matcha Cake –Β $14.95

Sample size so a bit narrower than usual but the flavours were enough!

The good fat:Β Very consistent and smooth texture with a crisp, fresh shortbread base. I liked the balance of the sweetness and bitterness from the matcha. The cheesecake was creamy and not too dense. Perfect!

The bad fat:Β MORE?? πŸ˜›

Fat-o-meter:Β 4/5

Tiramisu Cake $14.95

Tiramisu (left) and Mousse Cake (right)

The good fat:Β Very spongy and light texture with beautiful presentation! It was very fluffy to cut through, and I enjoyed the balance of the creamy smoothness with the coffee. Not too sweet and a delicate, light cake. The chocolate coated coffee beans on top were also a nice addition.

The bad fat:Β Nothing much.. just not a huge fan of the jam drops but you don’t always have to dip that in

Fat-o-meter:Β 4/5

Mousse Cake – $14.95

The good fat:Β A perfectly balanced, fluffy and smooth mousse cake with rich chocolatey goodness. The biscuit base was once again very nice and crumbly. I was very surprised that the chocolate wasn’t too overwhelming for me. The cream on the side goes well but even so, the mousse itself wasn’t too dense.

The bad fat:Β I would enjoy more dark chocolate over milk chocolate mousse.

Fat-o-meter:Β 4.5/5

Lemon CheesecakeΒ – $14.95

This was 4 cakes between 4 people btw so I’m not that fat hehehe

The good fat:Β Huge portion size that made me very happy indeed. This was a denser cheesecake than the matcha one and I quite enjoyed the cheesiness of it. Chokolait really knows how to do their biscuit bases – all of them were perfect!

The bad fat:Β The lemon was a bit too overpowering in this one, and I thought the sweetness of the strawberry jam drops clashed a bit with the sourness of the lemon.

Fat-o-meter:Β 3.5/5


YES – A bit pricey, but very high quality cakes with near perfect balance of flavours – however nothing that absolutely stunned my tastebuds.


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