Mexican Mama

MAMASITA: Hidden up a conspicuous staircase right next to the grand foyer of Sofitel Hotel on Collins St, Mamasita caused quite a stir when it first arrived in Melbourne – famous for its lines down the stairs lasting up to 2 hours. Having known about this, we went for early dinner around 5:30 on Friday and were quickly seated. The lighting inside is quite dim and there are more bar spaces than there are tables. The waitresses are quite pushy in their bid to sell you drinks but other than that, very lovely attitude, offering to decipher the menu! Overall, strong, flavourful Mexican tapas experience, but quite pricey for the sizes, especially for nothing really spectacular. We ordered quite a small variety of dishes to try a bit of everything!

Street Style Corn (Chargrilled corn, Queso, Chipotle Mayo and Lime) – $5.9


Well this looks interesting… 😛

Probably the most famous dish at Mamasita

The good fat: A lovely amalgamation of spicy, sweet and savoury flavours. The lime gave a slightly acidic touch (probably could give a larger slice of lime) The corn was sweet and juicy whilst the cheese was a very necessary touch!

The bad fat: They increased the price and for a tiny piece of corn it is quite expensive. The cheese is quite rich but still tasty!! Could also pack a powerful, zingy taste with the chipotle.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Lengua Taco (Ox tongue, Arbol Salsa, Crema, Onion and Coriander) – $7.0

Fish Taco (Fried with achiote, red onion salsa, cabbage, lime and chipotle mayo) – $7.0


Fish on the left and ox tongue on the right

The good fat: the ox tongue was cooked nicely – tender but still quite chewy, broken up into small pieces for that extra flavour potential. but combined together with the soft tortilla everything came together nicely – same with the crispiness of the fish taco.

The bad fat: I was expecting more in terms of flavour, as it didn’t really pack a punch like Mexican food should – but there is the option for extra spice with the sauces. The fish tasted just like cheap, normal fish and chips.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Huitlacoche (3 milk cheese, queso fresco, mushrooms, corn and huitlacoche crema) – $15.0


Sorry for the dodgy quality.. iPhone 5s not cut out for this lighting

The good fat: my favourite dish of the night. The mushroom inside was super tasty, soft and tangy. The tortilla was nice and crisp, blended with the gooey goodness of the mushroom and the cheesiness level was perfect.

The bad fat: I WANT MOREEEE

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Should you get fat here?

I was a bit disappointed with the quality of flavours in the dishes especially when considering the price and small tapas portion sizes.

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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