Elated for Eclairs

MAITRE CHOIX, SOHO: A popular French patisserie with daily baked goodies, opened by the Michelin 3 star pastry chef, Joakim Prat, Maitre Choux is probably one of my closest Michelin encounters so far! The branch in Soho just recently opened and I had the chance of trying their eclairs during the giveaway.. because otherwise 6 pounds for a pastry that disappears in 2 bites is a little steep 😦 I always love gazing through the windows and seeing the colourful array of various delicious flavours, wanting to try them all. In the end, the chouquettes, and not the eclairs were actually the highlight for me.

Soho Eclair (Blackberry Cheesecake) – $5.8 GBP

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.47.05 am.png

Look at the glistening white crystals of sugar and the adorable rainbow coloured dots spelling SOHO!

The good fat: The blackberry cheesecake flavour is unique to the Soho store – hence the SOHO letters printed colourfully on the white chocolate. The filling was creamy and smooth with a gorgeous texture. The pastry itself had a lovely balance of light fluffiness on the inside with a tasty, doughy feel surrounding the outside. It was so soft and melted in my mouth as I bit through it!

The bad fat: This again comes a bit from my bias against fruity desserts so I wasn’t a huge fan of the sourness of the blackberry in the filling even though it works nicely with the creaminess of the filling so I completely understand those who might love it. I found the chocolate a bit hard and not very smooth – it tasted a bit cheap and dry. I also would’ve liked a slight crisp eclair pastry – without it being crunchy just to toss it up a bit. Also very expensive for what it is as the eclair is really quite small.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Chouquettes – 10 for $3.5 GBP

The good fat: WOW these were just heaven! Absolutely delightful little balls of pastry that just melt in your mouth. I can’t believe how delicious little balls of perfected flour can be. The sugar on the outside gave it the tiniest hint of sugary sweetness that blended together with the natural aroma from the freshly baked pastries. It was airy on the inside but also doughy enough to taste the doughiness of the pastry! You can also see them take it fresh out of the oven each time so some were still a bit warm mmmm ❤

The bad fat: Not enough!

Fat-o-meter: 5/5


Yes – I would get the chouquettes again for sure and probably pass on the eclair as it’s still quite pricey for a small portion 😦


Maitre Choux Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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