Food with Views

DUCK AND WAFFLE, CITY OF LONDON: An extremely popular restaurant in London, Duck and Waffle ended up being a pricey, over-hyped affair that was probably only worth it for the nice moody atmosphere, ear-popping glass elevator and floor to ceiling windows overlooking London from the 40th floor. The vibes were nice for a long chat or catch up seated up in the sky but the food was quite average and unexciting.. I had higher expectations for a place that required booking weeks in advance for a prime dine time.

BBQ Spiced Crispy Pig Ears – $5.0


They look deceptively like thin sweet potato fries hahaha

The good fat: I’ve never tried pig ears before so this was a very unique experience – they sort of just tasted like a mixture between pork crackling and really hard, crispy fries as it had been sliced very thinly and deep fried. I quite enjoyed the flavouring as it was a little sweet with hints of spice from the BBQ spice.

The bad fat: A small portion size for the price and the porky flavour at times was a little disconcerting.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Rosemary and Garlic Bread – $6.0


I love the look of the crispy, shiny layer of butter on the outside!

The good fat: This bread was just pure joy to cut into! It had come out freshly baked from the oven and you could smell the wafts of rosemary and garlic as the waiter brought it out for us. The outside was crispy in texture but soft and doughy on the inside. Each mouthful was an earthy herb blend balanced with a classic garlic bread tastiness.

The bad fat: Over priced for a loaf of bread.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Duck and Waffle with Crispy Leg Confit, Fried Duck Egg, Mustard Maple Syrup – $17.0


Naming dishes doesn’t get any easier than this..

The good fat: I was surprised at how nicely the maple syrup went with the duck as it’s always interesting to see the mix of savoury with sweet. The duck egg was fried very nicely and the yolk ran beautifully to be soaked by the waffle underneath. The waffle was tasty and gave the subtle sweet doughyness to cut back from the meatiness of the duck. The duck confit was cooked tenderly and the skin was crisp!

The bad fat: Literally just a duck and a waffle. All the elements were cooked fine but I expected more in terms of flavour – the textures were all there but nothing surprised me and my tastebuds were left disappointed after this mediocre “specialty” from its namesake restaurant. You also couldn’t really taste the mustard in the maple syrup – it seemed more like a classic sweet breakfast pancake syrup to me.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


No – The food isn’t worth the price but if you want a classy establishment and nice views overlooking London then go for it.


Duck & Waffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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