My Favourite Xiao Long!

SHANGHAI DRAGON DUMPLING HOUSE, RUSSELL ST: Incredibly delicious and authentic Shanghai food that is relatively cheap, casual and cozy. Underrated as you won't find huge lines like some of those in Chinatown but I can definitely vouch for the genuine flavours in their dishes and the speediness of service. Xiao Long Bao - 8 pcs for … Continue reading My Favourite Xiao Long!

Herculean Burger for Hercules

FLORENTINE BAR AND RESTAURANT, LAMBETH: THE MOST INSANE BURGER I'VE EVER HAD FULL STOP. This restaurant is in an upscale hotel and has a lovely, cosy setting perfect for a couple or a nice catch up with a group of friends like we did. With a wide variety of classic brunch options, drinks and a nice … Continue reading Herculean Burger for Hercules

Beigel Blessing

BEIGEL BAKE, Bricklane: There are 2 competing Jewish beigel places right next to each other, both with huge lines out the store during prime lunch time - after all, the beigels were super tasty, filling and of course, cheap! It's always nice to find an affordable place in London hearty enough to fill you up … Continue reading Beigel Blessing

Drums for Drumtong

DRUMTONG KOREAN BBQ: In a little Korean BBQ hot spot on Little Lonsdale Street, we came here in a group of 11 to celebrate end of exams! The vibes are nice and cosy, with a unique idea of having "bin" like chairs where you can put your bags etc. inside to save space. In general, … Continue reading Drums for Drumtong

Koko Krazy

KOKO BLACK LYGON STREET: On a quite, Friday afternoon, it was spacious enough to accommodate 10 hungry, eager students. We ordered the Belgian Spoil tasting platter, the dessert degustation for two, and their famous Classic Belgian Iced Chocolate... and left with a feeling of having had enough chocolate for a lifetime. The drink was definitely the … Continue reading Koko Krazy