February Favourites 2017

Wow... one month later and I've made 24 posts! (Yes... it's not February anymore but whatever) So to save all you lazy people from scrolling through, here are my top picks for flavours of this summer in Melbourne. Feel free to eat brunch for breakfast or lunch they both work! (As for dinner, it also … Continue reading February Favourites 2017

Double Chin for Chin Chin

CHIN CHIN: Our slightly-more-expensive-meal to cap off our 10 day food fantasy. Having heard about the crazy lines that start during peak lunch and dinner time, we decided to go around 3pm on a Thursday afternoon. Unlike any other normal restaurant, which would be pretty dead at 3 pm, Chin Chin was still pretty packed … Continue reading Double Chin for Chin Chin

Valenthai’s Day

NINE ELEPHANTS, DOCKLANDS: Today was one of us' first nights in Melbourne! 🙂 So the two of us went out for a splash of Thai food on this year's famous Feb 14th i.e. girls night out! and so we ventured to Docklands, a bit outside of the inner CBD to Nine Elephants. Okay, a combination … Continue reading Valenthai’s Day