Eating in Bill Clinton’s Steps

PHO BO GA MEKONG VIETNAM: A super casual eatery on Swanston street bustling with cheap Asian street vibes - full of people, cramped chairs, cheap cutlery and busy waitresses with rapid service but decent quality of food. Perfect for a cold wintry night to enjoy a hot noodle soup in a warm, vibrant restaurant. It's … Continue reading Eating in Bill Clinton’s Steps

Shanghai Sensations

NEW SHANGHAI: A very popular little joint in the upper floors of the Emporium foodcourt, New Shanghai offers an authentic, Shanghainese experience that satisfies my inherent craving for home-cooked, Shanghai food that reminds me of mum's home cooking! The setting is vibrant and busy, with fast service and speedy waiters. Being in Emporium, the prices … Continue reading Shanghai Sensations

Sober Soba

(SHIMBASHI SOBA AND SAKE BAR: The last night in Melbourne for one of us before uni was about to start 😥 and we were originally planning to have a few shots of soju but ended up opting for soba and staying sober (get it? :P) The reviews of Shimbashi on zomato are really quite high … Continue reading Sober Soba