Dashing for Donuts

DASHING DONUTS, CHADSTONE: The competition for the craziest, sweetest and most loaded donuts are sweeping across the globe and Dashing Donuts is the latest in this trend. A central store in the busy Chadstone shopping complex, Dashing Donuts is complete with a mouthwatering glass display of their crazy donut flavours. We were treated to a box … Continue reading Dashing for Donuts

Emporium Teahouse

KYO TEAHOUSE, EMPORIUM: A relatively newly opened dessert bar in the lower Emporium Foodcourt, Kyo Teahouse specialises in pretty cheap, simple matcha desserts for Asian dessert lovers (like me!). It's usually quite busy and I love how they have different graded matcha with varying levels of bitterness for people to try. Overall, I found their menu … Continue reading Emporium Teahouse

Corbett and Claude

CORBETT AND CLAUDE, WESTFIELD GARDEN CITY - A modern restaurant situated in Garden City's lovely outdoor dining area (complete with fountains and live music), this Italian diner has the ambience and decor for a classy, yet fun night out with friends or family. The staff were all very helpful and the food service was very … Continue reading Corbett and Claude

Thirty Eight Chairs

THIRTY EIGHT CHAIRS: A relatively underrated Italian restaurant in South Yarra near Chapel Street, our dinner at Thirty-Eight Chairs was a mixture of amazing flavours to a killer dessert, only to be let down by the moody pasta and inattentive service. The interior is very dark and cosy, perfect for a chilly winter in a … Continue reading Thirty Eight Chairs

Midnight Dumplings

DUMPLINGS PLUS: Located on the busy stretch of Swanston street near Melbourne Central, Dumplings Plus offers a quick Asian snack fix (or meals). We stumbled across it after a craving for Xiao Long Bao built up from a late night Shop the City event at Emporium, and without hesitation that was the dish we ordered. … Continue reading Midnight Dumplings