TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a globally recognised American food chain so we were very excited to finally try the store location in Melbourne Central! The restaurant/bar has a lively location above Swanston Street and offered us a great taste into the delicious and classic, calorie-defying and oil-enriched American food. The good fat: We absolutely loved the look … Continue reading TGI Fridays

Carnivore Cravings

DEXTER: Impressed by its 4.9/5.0 rating on Zomato (otherwise only seen in fine dining places $200+), we ventured all the way out to Preston in a group of 8 to try this popular meat and bbq place. We were seated in the back section where there are long tables specifically for groups. The timber, reddish … Continue reading Carnivore Cravings

February Favourites 2017

Wow... one month later and I've made 24 posts! (Yes... it's not February anymore but whatever) So to save all you lazy people from scrolling through, here are my top picks for flavours of this summer in Melbourne. Feel free to eat brunch for breakfast or lunch they both work! (As for dinner, it also … Continue reading February Favourites 2017

Going Gaga for Grain Store

GRAIN STORE, MELBOURNE CBD: After reading up some incredible reviews, we were keen to try grain store! We went there just a little bit past 9 on a Saturday morning to avoid prime time brunching hour (no one likes lining up) and we managed to get ourselves a table just before a line started building … Continue reading Going Gaga for Grain Store