Shujinko Ramen

SHUJINKO RAMEN, MELBOURNE CBD: We were craving ramen on a extremely humid Melbourne summer day (don't ask why) so we were desperate to find a quality, air-conditioned environment to enjoy our heartwarming soup in. This 24/7 ramen joint is quite a well-known CBD location especially for those late night chills without compromising on quality. You won't … Continue reading Shujinko Ramen

Ramen for Winter

AJISEN RAMEN, MELBOURNE CENTRAL: Quite a cheap and spacious restaurant just off towards the quiter area of Melbourne Central, providing a clean, open environment and tasty way to get warm on a cold Winter's day. The good fat: The ramen soup was very flavoursome (albeit slightly artificial) and had the noodles themselves were hard and nicely … Continue reading Ramen for Winter

My Favourite Xiao Long!

SHANGHAI DRAGON DUMPLING HOUSE, RUSSELL ST: Incredibly delicious and authentic Shanghai food that is relatively cheap, casual and cozy. Underrated as you won't find huge lines like some of those in Chinatown but I can definitely vouch for the genuine flavours in their dishes and the speediness of service. Xiao Long Bao - 8 pcs for … Continue reading My Favourite Xiao Long!

Pigging out at Oink

OINK, OLD TOWN: I promised foreign food fantasies, and started with posts in London, but now we journey to Edinburgh! The beautiful city in Scotland, walking through Edinburgh just made me feel like I was in a huge castle with Gothic buildings everywhere and just an entire feeling of grandeur - but I won't get carried … Continue reading Pigging out at Oink

Seeking out Spain

BARRAFINA, SOHO: My first official Michelin starred restaurant! Woohoo - this is one of the most hyped places in London, well known for its amazingly authentic Spanish tapas and the line up that starts before it opens. With several branches all over Central London, Barrafina fell, unfortunately, just short of my expectations, which were probably exceedingly … Continue reading Seeking out Spain

Inamo – Covent Garden

INAMO, COVENT GARDEN - Now with multiple branches in central London, Inamo is an Asian fusion restaurant serving up a variety of Asian cuisines, with classic Korean, Chinese, Thai dishes and a large sushi, sashimi menu. Overall, the service of the food was fast and efficient, especially as you could use the iPad to select your … Continue reading Inamo – Covent Garden

Chop Chop BBQ Time

CHOP SHOP KOREAN BBQ, SWANSTON STREET: Relatively new Korean BBQ joint with a relatively clean, spacious interior spanning multiple stories. Overall, decent portion size if you take into account the sides and degree of fullness but overpriced considering that the quantity of the meat was very minimal and flavours were a bit one-sided. BBQ Pork … Continue reading Chop Chop BBQ Time

Shanghai Sensations

NEW SHANGHAI: A very popular little joint in the upper floors of the Emporium foodcourt, New Shanghai offers an authentic, Shanghainese experience that satisfies my inherent craving for home-cooked, Shanghai food that reminds me of mum's home cooking! The setting is vibrant and busy, with fast service and speedy waiters. Being in Emporium, the prices … Continue reading Shanghai Sensations

Friday Flavour Bomb

RICE PAPER SCISSORS... BOOM ROCK EXPLOSION IN THE MOUTH OF FLAVOURS! Came here early at 5:30 to reserve a spot for the always-busy Friday nights as a post mid-semester test celebration, and we were seated by 7pm. We ordered 10 dishes for the $59 for 5 dishes special, (basically 90% of the menu haha) which was … Continue reading Friday Flavour Bomb

Carnivore Cravings

DEXTER: Impressed by its 4.9/5.0 rating on Zomato (otherwise only seen in fine dining places $200+), we ventured all the way out to Preston in a group of 8 to try this popular meat and bbq place. We were seated in the back section where there are long tables specifically for groups. The timber, reddish … Continue reading Carnivore Cravings