Corbett and Claude

CORBETT AND CLAUDE, WESTFIELD GARDEN CITY - A modern restaurant situated in Garden City's lovely outdoor dining area (complete with fountains and live music), this Italian diner has the ambience and decor for a classy, yet fun night out with friends or family. The staff were all very helpful and the food service was very … Continue reading Corbett and Claude

Presto Pesto

MACCARONI TRATTORIA ITALIANA: A pretty popular Italian joint near Collins St, Maccaroni has a really nice ambiance with mood lighting inside and a very cosy interior. It wasn't busy on a weekday lunch time so we were immediately seated and the waitress was very patient with us. Nothing spectacular but still an enjoyable, tasty meal … Continue reading Presto Pesto

Cake for Breakfast? YES PLEASE!

BRUNETTI, CARLTON: WOOOOW everytime I come here the sheer size of this dessert dreamland amazes me. The desserts just keep coming. You walk inside, graced by the presence of beautifully crafted cakes on each side, followed by petite creations for one self to enjoy, followed by a cafe for hot drinks, then pastries, then MORE … Continue reading Cake for Breakfast? YES PLEASE!

Gelato Joy pt. 1

PIDAPIPO, CARLTON: Now apart from the fact that we both love food, what we love even more is probably ICECREAM!! (yes that is also considered food but no technicalities pls) Gelato is served at all corners and cones (geddit) in Melbourne and so of course we had to try a couple of the best. First stop: Pidapipo on … Continue reading Gelato Joy pt. 1