Unabara Lobster and Oyster Bar

Unabara Lobster and Oyster Bar is a Japanese restaurant with 2 outlets in Melbourne Central and Emporium - with a specialty in Japanese seafood ramen (featuring lobsters... no surprises there!) We dined at the Melbourne Central store, and with an incredible seafood broth, a large casual dining area, this Japanese restaurant makes a splurge-worthy option … Continue reading Unabara Lobster and Oyster Bar

Moshi Moshi

MOSHI MOSHI, PORT MELBOURNE: Moshi Moshi boasts a beautiful seaside location in the lovely, coastal suburb of Port Melbourne. Known for its affordable and fresh buffet menu, which even features sashimi, Moshi Moshi is complete with its latest, unique innovation that is SURE to be a Instagram trend - the sushi donut. So what are you … Continue reading Moshi Moshi

Tamper Food and Coffee

TAMPER FOOD AND COFFEE, PRAHRAN: Tamper is a brand new brunch cafe (replacing From On High) in the quaint neighbourhood of Prahran. Close to Chapel St, this is a gorgeous area in the suburbs for a lovely breakfast catch up over delicious food and coffee. In a 3-storey building, Tamper has outdoor seating in the front … Continue reading Tamper Food and Coffee

Shujinko Ramen

SHUJINKO RAMEN, MELBOURNE CBD: We were craving ramen on a extremely humid Melbourne summer day (don't ask why) so we were desperate to find a quality, air-conditioned environment to enjoy our heartwarming soup in. This 24/7 ramen joint is quite a well-known CBD location especially for those late night chills without compromising on quality. You won't … Continue reading Shujinko Ramen

Ramen for Winter

AJISEN RAMEN, MELBOURNE CENTRAL: Quite a cheap and spacious restaurant just off towards the quiter area of Melbourne Central, providing a clean, open environment and tasty way to get warm on a cold Winter's day. The good fat: The ramen soup was very flavoursome (albeit slightly artificial) and had the noodles themselves were hard and nicely … Continue reading Ramen for Winter

Death by Curry

EAT TOKYO: A pretty popular Japanese diner with many branches around London, Eat Tokyo has won a few famous awards for their beautifully presented sushis and is relatively cheap for an easy, satisfying bento box. They also have a variety of seafood, and in general, a very large encompassing menu that is sure to satisfy your … Continue reading Death by Curry

Inamo – Covent Garden

INAMO, COVENT GARDEN - Now with multiple branches in central London, Inamo is an Asian fusion restaurant serving up a variety of Asian cuisines, with classic Korean, Chinese, Thai dishes and a large sushi, sashimi menu. Overall, the service of the food was fast and efficient, especially as you could use the iPad to select your … Continue reading Inamo – Covent Garden

Picture Perfect Pufflets

PUFFLETS: A relatively new store on Therry Street near Queen Victoria Markets, Pufflets is an Asian dessert store specialising in Hong Kong Street Waffles and egg-based waffley Asian desserts with piles of toppings mixed together. We walked here late on a Saturday night and it was really busy! The interior is small and full of … Continue reading Picture Perfect Pufflets

Melbourne Michelin

CALIA: A Japanese restaurant with a deceptively non-Japanese name in Emporium. It has a simple, yet fresh menu designed by Micheline chef Francisco Javier Araya - so the most Michelin experience I've had so far, and without a hefty price tag. I loved the interior! It was very modern and chic, with a light wooden palette and a … Continue reading Melbourne Michelin

Sober Soba

(SHIMBASHI SOBA AND SAKE BAR: The last night in Melbourne for one of us before uni was about to start 😥 and we were originally planning to have a few shots of soju but ended up opting for soba and staying sober (get it? :P) The reviews of Shimbashi on zomato are really quite high … Continue reading Sober Soba