The Budapest Cafe

Wes Anderson, modern abstract art, and butter foam... 3 phrases that don't seem to scream brunch but seamlessly come together in a hidden new gem of Carlton, much like Budapest is the gem of Eastern Europe. One cannot visit the Budapest cafe without commenting on the interior design - how they can do so much … Continue reading The Budapest Cafe

A Dozen A Dozen

Japan. The destination on everyone's bucket list "for the food," but with the year that was 2020, who knows how long where we can blissfully indulge on late-night ramen fixes, 100 yen sushi trains, and of course, the all-too famous jiggly Japanese pancakes and cheesecakes. Fortunately for us, we managed to squeeze in a Japan … Continue reading A Dozen A Dozen

Tsuru Japanese Restaurant

Tsuru, the Japanese word for "crane", is a hidden and elegant Japanese restaurant tucked away on Little Collins Street, decorated with beautiful artistic Japanese panels, spacious seating dotted with plush cushions, and a peaceful ambience that transports you to the tranquility of Japan. We tried the $79 Feed Me tasting menu that features a selection … Continue reading Tsuru Japanese Restaurant

Cafe Lafayette

Discovering new cafes in Melbourne alleyways is the quintessential way to begin 2020... and so when we paid a visit to the newly opened, Cafe Lafayette, the sister cafe to the renowned Grand Lafayette in Prahran, we were thrilled by their decadent drinks, INCREDIBLY unique menu inspired by Japanese cuisine, and a inspiring aesthetic for … Continue reading Cafe Lafayette

Bent-Oh South Yarra

A new Japanese casual dining spot right across South Yarra Station, Bent-Oh South Yarra is definitely a convenient place for a quick lunch break or dinner takeaway for those too lazy to whip up a meal themselves. A step up from the simple takeaway sushi place, Bent-Oh does offer a small array of seasonal sushi … Continue reading Bent-Oh South Yarra

Golden Gai

A few weeks out from our Japan trip, we decided get a quick Melbourne preview at the Chapel Street based, newly opened Japanese fusion restaurant, Golden Gai, inspired, of course, by the real Golden Gai strip in Shinjuku (Tokyo) famous for its night life and bar vibes. The good fat: We started our trip down the … Continue reading Golden Gai

Shonan Kamakura

Shonan Kamakura is a cosy, newly opened Japanese restaurant tucked in the foodie area of Southern Cross, that is Katherine Place. With so many high quality Japanese restaurants in Melbourne, Shonan Kamakura fills a niche in between cheap don-like Japanese meals, and high end Japanese fine dining. With lovely interior design, and a classic, Japanese … Continue reading Shonan Kamakura

Kobe Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is always a delight to try - from the enthusiasm and chattiness of the chef, to the technically "unauthentic" games that they play to catch the rice, and not to mention, the general thrill of "raw to plate" sizzling right in front of your eyes. Kobe Teppanyaki in Doncaster captures all of this in … Continue reading Kobe Teppanyaki

Ton and Co

Ton and Co is a Japanese restaurant in Windsor whose entire menu revolves around their specialty Tonkatsu - a Japanese fried pork cutlet dish, served with various different sauces and on a bed of fluffy rice. It's refreshing to see such a modern take on a classically Japanese dish, especially when such extra-special care and … Continue reading Ton and Co

Hakata Gensuke Yatai Ramen

Hakata Gensuke, the international ramen sensation founded by the incredible masterchef Mr Yoshimura has great news for Melbourne - with its brand new store opened up on Lygon Street! With the current Hakata Gensuke stores rarely ever seeing a break in the line up outside, this new Carlton store as "Yatai Ramen", couldn't come at … Continue reading Hakata Gensuke Yatai Ramen