Pigging out at Oink

OINK, OLD TOWN: I promised foreign food fantasies, and started with posts in London, but now we journey to Edinburgh! The beautiful city in Scotland, walking through Edinburgh just made me feel like I was in a huge castle with Gothic buildings everywhere and just an entire feeling of grandeur - but I won't get carried … Continue reading Pigging out at Oink

American Food Fiesta

CHIQUITO AND CO, FITZROY:  An awesome, bright and new American diner with 2 huge storeys and windows overlooking the busy Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The staff are very friendly, and the interior is new and homely. The menu options are extremely varied and I would definitely recommend this place for a fun, casual and hunger … Continue reading American Food Fiesta

Ditsy for Doughnuts

AMERICAN DOUGHNUT KITCHEN, QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET: An absolute must try for everyone, regardless of whether or not you're a doughnut lover. Warm, delicious doughnuts that are great for a snack as you're wondering half way through the lovely markets on a cold, wintry Melbourne day. 5 Jam Doughnuts - $5.5 The good fat: Best jam doughnuts I've had … Continue reading Ditsy for Doughnuts

Merry Burger Days

THE MERRYWELL, CROWN: After being awarded the best burger house in Melbourne for a couple of years, this place was a must try for an avid burger eater like me! Overall a lovely, greasy burger bun with a nicely sized patty inside, altogether complemented by a deliciously huge milkshake giving us a satisfying, Americanesque meal … Continue reading Merry Burger Days

Stop for Donuts!

SHORTSTOP COFFEE AND DONUTS: Located in foodie central hub of Melbourne near Little Lonsdale Street, Shortstop is officially my favourite donut place! Even though I haven't tried enough of the flavours, it definitely trumps Doughnut Time, Krispy Kreme etc. in all aspects of taste, texture and all-rounded deliciousness! YUMMO Luckily not a huuuuge selection even though … Continue reading Stop for Donuts!

DR. Pizza and Mozzarella

DOC PIZZA AND MOZZARELLA BAR: Busy, vibrant restaurant with 2 floors (but dim light for photos) but awesome vibes and authentic, reasonably priced Italian pizzas. Great chance to hang out with a large group to share and sample a huge variety of their pizzas. Everything in general had a generous amount of topping, with stringy … Continue reading DR. Pizza and Mozzarella

Drums for Drumtong

DRUMTONG KOREAN BBQ: In a little Korean BBQ hot spot on Little Lonsdale Street, we came here in a group of 11 to celebrate end of exams! The vibes are nice and cosy, with a unique idea of having "bin" like chairs where you can put your bags etc. inside to save space. In general, … Continue reading Drums for Drumtong

Chop Chop BBQ Time

CHOP SHOP KOREAN BBQ, SWANSTON STREET: Relatively new Korean BBQ joint with a relatively clean, spacious interior spanning multiple stories. Overall, decent portion size if you take into account the sides and degree of fullness but overpriced considering that the quantity of the meat was very minimal and flavours were a bit one-sided. BBQ Pork … Continue reading Chop Chop BBQ Time

Koko Krazy

KOKO BLACK LYGON STREET: On a quite, Friday afternoon, it was spacious enough to accommodate 10 hungry, eager students. We ordered the Belgian Spoil tasting platter, the dessert degustation for two, and their famous Classic Belgian Iced Chocolate... and left with a feeling of having had enough chocolate for a lifetime. The drink was definitely the … Continue reading Koko Krazy

Picture Perfect Pufflets

PUFFLETS: A relatively new store on Therry Street near Queen Victoria Markets, Pufflets is an Asian dessert store specialising in Hong Kong Street Waffles and egg-based waffley Asian desserts with piles of toppings mixed together. We walked here late on a Saturday night and it was really busy! The interior is small and full of … Continue reading Picture Perfect Pufflets