Cafe Lafayette

Discovering new cafes in Melbourne alleyways is the quintessential way to begin 2020... and so when we paid a visit to the newly opened, Cafe Lafayette, the sister cafe to the renowned Grand Lafayette in Prahran, we were thrilled by their decadent drinks, INCREDIBLY unique menu inspired by Japanese cuisine, and a inspiring aesthetic for … Continue reading Cafe Lafayette

Yoi Indonesian Fusion

Yoi Indonesian Fusion is a new Asian restaurant that has opened up in the up-and-coming Asian foodie hub of Fulton Lane on the northern end of the Melbourne CBD. Yoi, translating to "yes" in Indonesian, is a family - run restaurant, featuring traditional Indonesian recipes with a modern fusion twist - overall resulting in a … Continue reading Yoi Indonesian Fusion

Golden Gai

A few weeks out from our Japan trip, we decided get a quick Melbourne preview at the Chapel Street based, newly opened Japanese fusion restaurant, Golden Gai, inspired, of course, by the real Golden Gai strip in Shinjuku (Tokyo) famous for its night life and bar vibes. The good fat: We started our trip down the … Continue reading Golden Gai

Red Spice Road

We were delighted to be invited to Red Spice Road to celebrate the arrival of new Executive Chef, Ben McRae, bringing his fresh and vibrant take on pan-Asian food to the two Melbourne flagship restaurants, Red Spice Road and Burma Lane. Having served Melbourne's foodie scene for over 11 years, Red Spice Road has encapsulated … Continue reading Red Spice Road

Ton and Co

Ton and Co is a Japanese restaurant in Windsor whose entire menu revolves around their specialty Tonkatsu - a Japanese fried pork cutlet dish, served with various different sauces and on a bed of fluffy rice. It's refreshing to see such a modern take on a classically Japanese dish, especially when such extra-special care and … Continue reading Ton and Co

Grand Lafayette

GRAND LAFAYETTE, PRAHRAN: The new and improved Cafe Lafayette, originally famous for their freakshakes and raindrop cakes, has now opened up shop in Prahran, off the busy Chapel St tucked in a hidden area that seems to be quite difficult to find. Almost a quintessential Melbourne cafe, Grand Lafayette has kept some of its famous Asian … Continue reading Grand Lafayette

Whitehorse Chloe

WHITEHORSE CHLOE, BOX HILL: It's refreshing to find the number of new Asian fusion brunch cafes that are popping up today, and Box Hill is definitely one perfect suburb to target - the heart of China in Melbourne, mixed with an interest in exploring different aspects of Melbourne culinary culture. Whitehorse Chloe turns itself from a … Continue reading Whitehorse Chloe

Sir Charles Fitzroy

SIR CHARLES, FITZROY: Fitzroy - one of the trendiest suburbs in Melbourne and home to an eclectic spread of some of Melbourne's top cult culinary destinations. It's no wonder for Sir Charles really rises to the occasion to make a name for itself in Melbourne. The cafe epitomises Asian fusion brunch - when done well, this … Continue reading Sir Charles Fitzroy


STOVETOP, CARLTON:  High ceilings, rustic vibes, coupled with multi-textured interior décor, Stove Top is situated in an ideal Carlton location, nestled between the bustling campus of University of Melbourne and a short walk away from Royal Melbourne Hospital - and this is what makes it the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch getaway with colleagues either … Continue reading Stovetop

The Penny Drop

THE PENNY DROP, BOX HILL: When you here Box Hill you don't think of brunch but the Penny Drop does a fantastic job of incorporating Asian flavours into a traditional, Melbourne brunch menu. With a very open interior aesthetic, and a variety of options and daily specials, the Penny Drop is a great option for those … Continue reading The Penny Drop