Yong Green Food

YONG GREEN FOOD, FITZROY: So this is definitely one restaurant that I do NOT understand the hype of. After reading amazing reviews on Zomato about how they've managed to procure delicious Asian-inspirsed dinners from all vegetarian ingredients, I was expecting an interesting and unique dining experience but was completely disappointed. I found this place overpriced for … Continue reading Yong Green Food

Ramen for Winter

AJISEN RAMEN, MELBOURNE CENTRAL: Quite a cheap and spacious restaurant just off towards the quiter area of Melbourne Central, providing a clean, open environment and tasty way to get warm on a cold Winter's day. The good fat: The ramen soup was very flavoursome (albeit slightly artificial) and had the noodles themselves were hard and nicely … Continue reading Ramen for Winter

My Favourite Xiao Long!

SHANGHAI DRAGON DUMPLING HOUSE, RUSSELL ST: Incredibly delicious and authentic Shanghai food that is relatively cheap, casual and cozy. Underrated as you won't find huge lines like some of those in Chinatown but I can definitely vouch for the genuine flavours in their dishes and the speediness of service. Xiao Long Bao - 8 pcs for … Continue reading My Favourite Xiao Long!

Death by Curry

EAT TOKYO: A pretty popular Japanese diner with many branches around London, Eat Tokyo has won a few famous awards for their beautifully presented sushis and is relatively cheap for an easy, satisfying bento box. They also have a variety of seafood, and in general, a very large encompassing menu that is sure to satisfy your … Continue reading Death by Curry

Inamo – Covent Garden

INAMO, COVENT GARDEN - Now with multiple branches in central London, Inamo is an Asian fusion restaurant serving up a variety of Asian cuisines, with classic Korean, Chinese, Thai dishes and a large sushi, sashimi menu. Overall, the service of the food was fast and efficient, especially as you could use the iPad to select your … Continue reading Inamo – Covent Garden

Matcha Fail

MATCHA MYLKBAR, ST KILDA - Definition of instagram food: all aesthetics, no substance. I actually don't understand why this place has so much hype, apart from their green buns which kind of just seem like green food colouring in a normal hamburger bun. Everything here is overpriced, bland and the flavours simply don't work well … Continue reading Matcha Fail

Emporium Teahouse

KYO TEAHOUSE, EMPORIUM: A relatively newly opened dessert bar in the lower Emporium Foodcourt, Kyo Teahouse specialises in pretty cheap, simple matcha desserts for Asian dessert lovers (like me!). It's usually quite busy and I love how they have different graded matcha with varying levels of bitterness for people to try. Overall, I found their menu … Continue reading Emporium Teahouse

Junk Eats

JUNK ASIAN, SOUTH BANK: A very casual Asian fusion eatery along Southbank's newly revamped dining precinct with plenty of cheap and grub options to fill you up. The staff are pretty laid back but friendly and service is quick. There's a pretty large bar but not really a wide variety of drink selections. Menu is … Continue reading Junk Eats

Michelin Yum Cha

TIM HO WAN: This place was super hyped up when it first opened, being a very budget, Michelin star awarded place to open up right in the Melbourne CBD. As the rest of the menu seemed overpriced and not too special, we only ordered the dish that awarded it the Michelin star in the first … Continue reading Michelin Yum Cha

Eating in Bill Clinton’s Steps

PHO BO GA MEKONG VIETNAM: A super casual eatery on Swanston street bustling with cheap Asian street vibes - full of people, cramped chairs, cheap cutlery and busy waitresses with rapid service but decent quality of food. Perfect for a cold wintry night to enjoy a hot noodle soup in a warm, vibrant restaurant. It's … Continue reading Eating in Bill Clinton’s Steps