Asian · Dessert

Emporium Teahouse

KYO TEAHOUSE, EMPORIUM: A relatively newly opened dessert bar in the lower Emporium Foodcourt, Kyo Teahouse specialises in pretty cheap, simple matcha desserts for Asian dessert lovers (like me!). It’s usually quite busy and I love how they have different graded matcha with varying levels of bitterness for people to try. Overall, I found their menu…… Continue reading Emporium Teahouse

Brunch · Dessert

Chocolate Cravings

MORK CHOCOLATE BREW HOUSE, NORTH MELBOURNE: A bright, and sunny little cafe near quite a few famous brunch places, this Chocolate Brewery is my new go-to destination for delicious hot chocolate and desserts – they have managed to perfect the balance between the delicious density of chocolateyness and sweetness! There is an added bonus of vanilla…… Continue reading Chocolate Cravings