I am just a young food lover from Australia wanting to share my culinary adventures as I munch my way through the spectacular food scene of Melbourne, and travel the world.

2017 has been the beginning of a journey of discovering different degustation delights for me. I’ve been privileged to try so many foreign delicacies throughout my one month of travelling throughout Europe, including Austria, Germany, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy, whilst spending 5 months in London – whose range of international cuisines and Michelin-starred meals are simply stunning!

The idea for this blog and Instagram was inspired by my friend from Brisbane, who came down to Melbourne at the beginning of 2017. Together, we started posting pictures and food reviews of the different restaurants. What started off as just a side hobby, has now expanded with over 4000+ Instagram followers, over 9 million+ views on Zomato for over 100 reviews.

Logo Credits: Claire Qu