Melbourne’s Best Cheap Eats

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving a full tummy on less than $10 – $15. From quick and easy dine-in restaurants, to a fiesta of street foods, Melbourne has more than enough to keep you satisfied. One of my favourite things when exploring any city is munching my way through their quick and dirty cheap eats as I’m aimlessly wondering around the streets or markets.

So here are a few of my top picks for Melbourne’s best cheap eats! (P.S. This excludes desserts – even though I have to admit a large portion of my “cheap eat meals” when travelling consist of a cake or gelato as a meal, but my Melbourne dessert must eats are linked HERE already)

The Borek Shop, QVM (Read): Spinach and Feta Borek ($4.0). Flaky and warm pastry enclosing a hearty spinach + feta combo, you’ll always find a crowd of people here, tourists and locals alike!

Shanghai Street, Melbourne CBD Various Locations and Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House, Melbourne CBD (Read): Pork Xiao Long Bao ($7.8). MY FAVOURITE FOOD cannot got amiss in this list. Shanghai Street is probably the most widely acclaimed Xiao Long Bao maker in Melbourne with many locations scattered around the CBD but Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House leaves just an impression and is slightly cheaper!

Hakata Gensuke, Melbourne CBD Various Locations (Read): Signature Tonkotsu ($14.0). Best tonkotsu ramen I’ve had in Melbourne – the 3 day broth is the best treat during the depths of Melbourne winter.

5 and Dime Bagels, Melbourne CBD (Read): Can’t complain about a freshly baked bagel for around $2 especially with their incredible array of different types!

SamSam Chicken, Melbourne CBD (Website): Soy and Garlic Fried Chicken ($18.0 for 1/2). You wouldn’t go to fried chicken by yourself (unless…) but when it comes to sharing group gatherings, $10 and you’re left with a tummy full of flavoursome + juicy fried chicken

Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne CBD (Read): Any burger (~$15.0). On the slightly pricier end of burgers but these ones are a beast – the fat and juicy patties really hit the spot and the setting doesn’t get anymore American than this.

DonDon, Melbourne CBD (Zomato): Any don ($6 – $10). Easily one of the cheapest ways to get full in the CBD – all the dons are prepped with speed and loaded with various toppings and the rice portions don’t get more generous than this.

Yoi Indonesian Fusion, Melbourne CBD (Read): Salted Egg Indomie ($10.8). A must visit place for homely Indonesian cooking and any salted egg lover! If you’re feeling in need of a guilty treat, try the thick and sweet martabak Indonesian pancake

So there you have it. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment!


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