Aston Lucas Gourmet

“Locally made, always delicious!

This is the motto of Aston Lucas Gourmet, and it just so perfectly captures this family owned, ready-to-eat meal, business. Here’s to a week of delicious Italian food during lockdown… so read on to find out more!

Despite being only 3 months old, Aston Lucas Gourmet is a story 65 years in the making. It all started when the Abruzzo-born founder, Fino, started his own gourmet Italian catering company after arriving in Melbourne in 1955.

Come 2020, amidst the strife of the COVID epidemic in Melbourne, Aston Lucas Gourmet now comfortably fills the niche of providing affordable and traditional, ready-to-eat Italian meals to families, whilst maintaining the country style of “farm-to-plate” by supporting sustainable Australian local producers (and not to mention using recycle and biodegradable packaging!) In fact, the Artisan Pasta range from Aston Lucas Gourmet features household traditional Italian Classics, as well as a Gluten Free and Vegan Range.

Let’s begin with a few highlights from the Traditional Range. The spinach and ricotta cannelloni was a lovely blend between the acidity of the Napoli sauce, and the smooth creamy ricotta cheese with fresh spinach, all of course, a generous filling inside the layers of rolled pastry.

Aston Lucas Gourmet reminded me how much I miss parmigiana and lasagne – their Traditional Meat Lasagne is the definition of hearty Italian cooking, I felt like I was getting a flashback moment of an Italian nonna generously serving me layers upon layers of steaming, freshly baked lasagne with their generation-old, family recipe. Aussie beef and pork, soft pastry, cheese and that delicious bolognese sauce… yum!

The Vegan Range from Aston Lucas Gourmet gives a trio of gnocchi heaven! From the gleaming bright red beetroot gnocchi, to the earthy greenness of the basil pesto sauce. I had always wanted to try beetroot gnocchi and this was the perfect chance. At first, I was worried about the gnocchi texture not being preserved after being kept in the fridge, but this wasn’t even remotely an issue – the Desiree potato gnocchi still retained its soft pillowy fluffiness and the beetroot, kale and almond sauce gave the entire dish a very nutty and earthy flavour that meant I cleaned up the plate much faster than I had anticipated…

Overall, I was overwhelmingly impressed. As someone who has always been skeptical of “microwave meals” – Aston Lucas Gourmet hits this out of the park. The prices are cheap, the delivery or retail options convenient, and there are options to heat it over the stovetop, or for the lazy ones (like me) just a few minutes in the microwave and you have an essentially restaurant quality Italian pasta! In fact, I would prefer this over takeaway Italian because by the time cooked pasta gets to you via delivery, the sauce and pasta are all mushed and soggy.

What’s even more exciting is that after the initial success of their Artisan Pasta range, Aston Lucas Gourmet has now expanded to include even MORE Italian deliciousness, like arancini, fresh deli wraps and my all time favourite… DESSERTS! So keep an eye out on their website or your local independent food retailers (STOCKISTS HERE).


Disclaimer: 2wofatgirls would like to thank Aston Lucas Gourmet for the invitation to try their meals – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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