Cheesecake Collective

If it’s one thing that I simply CANNOT resist it’s cheesecake. I’ve rambled on for my love of cheesecakes endlessly in previous blog posts so when #lockdown started and home baked cheesecakes, basque cheesecakes, brownie cheesecakes etc. started popping up I couldn’t be happier with all of these gracing my Instagram feed.

Cheesecake Collective is one such artisanal dessert business that I just COULD NOT wait to try after seeing their home-baked cakes on Instagram. After seeing photos of their gorgeously decorated cheesecakes for weeks, the wait was finally over when the owner and ALL-ROUND CHEESECAKE QUEEN, Karyn, hand-delivered a box of their 4 classic flavours to my door, for my cheesecake journey to begin.

The box of 4 consists of:

  1. The OG
  2. Heavenly Strawberry and White Chocolate
  3. Blissful Passionfruit
  4. Chocolate Indulgence

The idea behind Cheesecake Collective is simple, to create “artisan styled desserts without the need of purchasing an entire cheesecake.” And that is certainly they achieve. For me being a classically indecisive and shamelessly greedy, want-to-try-everything kind of person when it comes to dessert, Cheesecake Collective makes my life MUCH easier and HAPPIER by offering a variety of flavours in a perfect portion size for one person to easily demolish (so you don’t even have to share hehe)!

Before I dug into the cheesecakes, I opened the box to find a beautiful note written in elegant calligraphy – hand written from Karyn, explaining the concept behind Cheesecake Collective, how months of testing flavours, and the use of the finest and freshest natural ingredients are what make the heart and soul of each dessert.

Wow so I thought the photos of Cheesecake Collective were aesthetic… until I got the box itself. From the delicately placed chocolate twirls, to the drops of passionfruit syrup and the sprinkle of white chocolate, the presentation of these cheesecakes can seamlessly fit into the backdrop of a high end restaurant. I could NOT wait to dig in!

I had to start off with the OG – this cheesecake completely respects the classic cheesiness of a new York Cheesecake, but without the heavy almost uncomfortable density often associated with it. OMG it totally reminded me why I love cheesecake so much again (not that I really need a reminder).

The Heavenly Strawberry and White Chocolate has the most naturally light and sweet strawberry flavour, creating a blend that tasted somewhere between strawberry yoghurt and cheesecake for me (it tasted healthy HAHA) and without the artificial sourness that you sometimes get.

Continuing on with the fruity theme, I went for the Blissful Passionfruit – the zesty sourness of the passionfruit syrup on top of that deliciously smooth and light cheesecake, this was the taste of Spring and Summer that I needed!

Lastly, good old chocolate – can you ever go wrong with chocolate? The Chocolate Indulgence is exactly as the name suggests. A luxuriously rich dark chocolate flavour pervades the cheesecake, the type that leaves a hint of satisfying sweet and bitterness even after you’ve finished it. And of course, this featured a chocolate biscuit crumble base, topped up with the fresh juicy bursts of blueberries!

Lasting impressions? This certainly gets a resounding 5/5 on the FAT-O-METER! The most impressive thing for me from Cheesecake Collective is the perfect texture of the cheesecakes – there is a airy and light velvety smoothness to ALL of them that I haven’t really experienced in other cheesecakes (which often fall on the dense side)… but this is also somewhat dangerous because I can definitely see myself accidentally eating the whole box without feeling guilty or cheesecake overloaded…

Trust me – these make the perfect luxury dessert gift for yourself or a loved one! Make sure to order before 3pm every Friday for a weekend delivery (earlier because they sell out quickly!)


Disclaimer: 2wofatgirls would like to thank Cheesecake Collective for the invitation to try their cakes – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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