Thai Town

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Soft Shell Crab with Mild Curry Sauce – $24.9

Thai Town is a funky restaurant in QV that combines the lively and vibrant vibes of Thai street food market with authentic homely food perfect for sharing amongst big groups. Neon lights, graffiti-esque wall art, upbeat music, and beer towers, Thai Town creates a unique Southeast Asian restaurant vibe that begs one to come back again.

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Water Spinach Stir Fry with Crispy Pork – $19.9

The good fat: Our journey into Thailand started off with some delicious entrees. The water spinach stir fry added some light, but necessary greens, with the small chunks of crispy pork belly an added bonus. One of the highlights from Thai Town was undoubtedly the soft shell crab – drizzled in a delectable curry sauce with rich coconut flavours, and hints of spice, biting through the crispy shell to reach the tender flesh inside was an experience!

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Steamed Whole Barramundi – $35.9

If there’s one thing that we love that is reminiscent of home, is definitely a traditional, simple steamed fish – peppered with a simple dressing of soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. The steamed barramundi was exactly that and gave a light balance to the heavier flavours of Thai cuisine.

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Jumbo King Prawn Pad Thai – $24.9

Have you even truly experienced a Thai restaurant if you didn’t order pad thai? The ultimate classic Thai dish, and Thai Town is certainly a restaurant that serves up one hell of a pad thai. Having tried a few throughout Melbourne’s Thai restaurants, I definitely think this is one of my favourites. Not only is this big enough of a serving size to feed a family, the two massive jumbo king prawns that peel out satisfyingly from their shell give a delightful seafood touch. The peanuts, optional chilli, and classic sweet + savoury + sour sauce combo is captured perfectly!

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Coconut ice cream with sticky rice

You can’t end dinner without dessert. With rotating seasonal desserts offered by Thai Town, we were treated to a gorgeous dessert platter, featuring corn and herb jelly, complementing the generous coconut ice cream sundae. The sticky and rich flavours of the warm pandan rice underneath, mixed with the flavours of fresh coconut – YUM!

The bad fat: Nothing!



2wofatgirls would like to thank Thai Town QV, Melbourne for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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