Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.56.06 pm

Mixed noodle with minced pork – $14.8

DAINTY SICHUAN NOODLE EXPRESS: A quick, cheap dinner for a Sichuan chilli fix in Emporium with the whole package: the bustling, Asian vibes, quick food arrival. It’s a very fast-paced eating environment without table service as you line up and place your order immediately before being seated. The food came extremely rapidly and definitely captures the essence of Sichuan dining! Not surprised considering Dainty Sichuan have done so well in pleasing the Sichuan food lovers in Melbourne for so long.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.55.37 pm

Beef Noodle Soup – $15.8

The good fat: We started with a classic Sichuan entrée of crispy pork and it was absolutely delicious! Such a crispy coated batter, revealing the small strips of tender pork underneath. I was super happy when I realised this wasn’t too spicy at all! Whenever eating spicy food, fresh watermelon juice and lychee ice tea is always a must get – a perfect, refreshing way to balance out the spiciness so that you’re ready for the rest of the dishes.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.55.48 pm

Fried Pork – $8.8

Our mains of beef noodle soup and a dry pork noodle. The texture of both the noodles were silky smooth, and the flavours of the soup were full of warmth. It had a satisfying amount of beef slices on top that definitely leaves you with a full belly. The toppings on the dry noodle were so flavoursome – the pork blended in with the noodles deliciously, and the slices of cucumber on the side lent a refreshing crunch.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.55.58 pm

Fried Glutinous Rice Cake – $7.8

We tried the glutinous rice cakes with brown sugar – another classic Sichuan dessert. This dessert was everything you could ask for to satisfy any guilty sugar cravings. The rice cake itself was warm and sticky, drizzled decadently with the sweet brown sugar sauce. To be honest, Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express offers everything you could ask for a cheap and convenient Chinese restaurant after a tiring day of shopping!



2wofatgirls would like to thank Noodle Express by Dainty Sichuan, Emporium Melbourne for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.


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