The Drop In Cafe

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Butterfly Pea Tea

It’s always a pleasure to be welcomed into a homely café where the owner speaks so passionately and proudly of the food they present to their happy customers. The epitome of this was our visit to The Drop In Café, Boronia. Despite the 1.5 hour trek from the Melbourne city area, the cosy vibes, antique – styled, eccentric décor of this café, and of course, the warm hospitality of the husband and wife owners, certainly made it all worth it.

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High Tea for Two!

With a bright, spacious table positioned near the windows, perfect for people watching, it was heartwarming to see the stream of local residents “dropping in” to this popular, suburban café. Alpa, the proud owner, along with her husband, happily tells us how The Drop In Cafe has become a home away from home of sorts for locals, a cosy café to unwind from the stresses of the day and general life, sipping onto a warm cup of specially sourced tea and having a therapeutic chat to willing listeners.

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Smoked Salmon

The good fat: The Drop In features both a simple, breakfast menu with heart options such as bagels, toasted sandwiches etc. but what is perhaps even more special are there wide array of teas and desserts. From home baked pistachio cakes and egg tarts, to a decadent high tea – Alpa and her husband have also put on a variety of specialty – themed dinners and evenings to showcase their offerings.

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Breakfast Porridge

Every year, I make it a goal to have at least one high tea and so we were thrilled to try out their high tea! No high tea is complete without an extensive tea selection, and The Drop In ticks that box with its 30 + specialty teas sourced from all over the world. After pondering the list, we settled on a changing colour Butterfly Pea tea, and the acclaimed, Betjeman and Barton’s “Les Invités”. A drop of lemon juice changes the vivid blue Butterfly Pea tea into a vibrant purple, adding that hint of acidity for a more dramatic effect. If perfume was a tea, then it would be the “Les Invités” – I’m being serious when I mean that I would turn this tea into a diffuser, because the blend of peach, grapefruit and lychee is perfection!

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Falafel w. Beetroot Purée

Our high tea at The Drop In was the classic with a twist – the savouries and petit fours came in a double tier, whilst the petit baby scones were on the side, with cream and jam already placed delicately on top of each morsel. The only remnant of a classic English high tea came from the cucumber sandwiches, whilst I relished on the other, contemporary options.

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Scrambled Eggs on Crepe

A personal favourite was the egg scramble on a crispy, warm and flaky crepe. The falafel with beetroot puree was presented cleverly in a deep Asian-styled soup spoon, and the smoked salmon with crème fraïche for me, is always a welcome snack.

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Scones w. Jam and Cream

The scones were small but moist – definitely appreciated for those who enjoy them on the dense side. The sweet options are a testament to the quality of the Drop In café’s style. Quality – made and delicious desserts that certainly have that loving, homely feel, without too much emphasis on often seemingly unnecessary details.

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Le Petit Fours

The shortbread yoyo was so buttery and crumbly, the lemon curd éclair was a refreshing twist on a classic French pastry, and the egg tart with fresh blueberries reminded me of childhood yum cha when we would always be rewarded with them for dessert.

The bad fat: Nothing! The Drop In showcases the style of grandma’s cosy living room, where you can drop in anytime and be rewarded with simple, yet delicious treats to keep coming back for.



2wofatgirls would like to thank The Drop In Cafe, Boronia, for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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