Willsmere Station Cafe

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Eggplant Chips – $10.0

Willsmere Station is a trendy, brunch café in a quiet area of Kew, that has turned into night time bar, featuring heavy inspirations drawn from the Middle East and Turkey. With moody music, neon lighting and a cosy interior, Willsmere Station is definitely a unique option that one hasn’t seen many of in Melbourne, and for those adventurous foodies, I would highly recommend trying it out!

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Cauliflower Florets – $14.0

The good fat: We started with the eggplant chips – absolutely love the texture of this, I don’t think you can find a more heavenly combination of lightly umami on the outside, but silkly smooth inside. The spiced cauliflower florets are an interesting twist on the classic vegetable side, the smokiness was subtle but went nicely with the subtle beetroot hummus underneath.

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Manti – $22.0

When we ordered the manti – that is, Turkish beef ravioli, we really didn’t get what we expected… but in a good way! Instead of large dumpling-like Italian raviolis, this Turkish ravioli were tiny morsels of chewiness and flavour. About the size of half a gnocchi, these little pasta packets of tightly wrapped beef mince were balanced with a kick of chilli, a light garlic yoghurt, and had the most addictive and snackable, popcorn – like quality.

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Hunkar Begendi – $26.0

The moment we saw slow cooked lamb on the Middle Eastern menu of Willsmere Station, we knew we had to get it. And no regrets, the Hunkar Begendi featured small pieces of tender, melt – in – your – mouth lamb – this lamb is the definition of a winter warmer, each bite of the salty lamb on a bed of the light, thick eggplant puree just warms you from the tips of your fingers.

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Lamb Flatbread – $16.0

The lamb flatbread, was of a similar wintry idea, with a strongly flavoured lamb kofte, balanced with the blends of beetroot hummus, dill labneh, barberries, pistachio and crunch of the green leaf salad all wrapped into a thin flatbread that held everything in integrity.

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Kunefe – $15.0

If you head to Willsmere Station, the absolute MUST order is the künefe. A Middle Eastern cheese dessert, that has the amazing tandem nature of the lightest crispy wisps on the outside, giving way to a decadent, cheesy interior that you can literally pull a meter before the cheese sadly breaks. This was our second time having this dessert, and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better way to end our trip to Turkey in a Melbourne café. A light drizzle of the syrup is like having a sip of ambrosia.

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Waffle – $18.0

Aside from the stunning aesthetic appeal of the waffles, the crispy, biscuit – like texture of them paired so nicely with the Turkish ice cream. The generous servings of pistachio (my personal favourite) and Turkish delight flavoured ice cream, with its contrastingly, “stickier”, and less icy approach compared to traditional ice cream and was a true testament to the authenticity of the Turkish flavours that Willsmere Station presented.

The bad fat: I would’ve loved a stronger, classic chickpea thickened texture in the beetroot hummus underneath the cauliflower floret, to confer that decadent, yet healthy hummus texture. Personally for me, both the lamb in the Hunkar Begendi, and the kofte were on the saltier side, even when paired with the relatively lighter bases of the eggplant purée and flatbread.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

2wofatgirls would like to thank Willsmere Station, Kew, for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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