Le Petit Jolie

Le Petit Jolie is an exquisite Melbourne, home-based baking studio in Balwyn, headed by the lovely, Jolie. She specialises in handcrafted macarons of various flavour combinations, completing the look with macaron towers, decorated with fresh florals, gift tagging and cake toppers to list a few of the options available. Not only is the ordering process smooth and easy within Melbourne, the quality of the home-baked macarons at Le Petit Jolie is divine. Jolie is able to cater to all personal requests, supplementing your favourite choices for macaron flavours, along with a creative eye in picking out the ideal colour scheme to suit your event.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.52.39 pm

The beautiful tower itself

For my 21st in Melbourne, Le Petit Jolie was able to provide a small macaron tower – and being a classic girl, I had opted for a silver and baby pink colour scheme. After providing these details, Jolie quickly crafted up some mouth-watering flavour combinations – allowing me to easily settle on the combo of raspberry, lychee and rose – which was simply the perfect triple trifecta!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.49.26 pm

Close up!

For a macaron tower for about 25 people, the height was around 20cm, and styled elegantly with fresh pink flowers and green foliage that definitely made it too pretty to eat! Nonetheless, we plucked a macaron from the tower, hesitant to ruin the creative masterpiece, but also eager to savour it. The shell was perfectly textured – a crispy, light coating that gave way to the pureness of the baby pink macaron cream filling inside. I asked my friend to guess which 3 flavours and she managed to get of them – which is really a testament to how genuine and decadent the macarons were as subtle hints of all lychee, raspberry and rose permeated through.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.50.39 pm

A bite of pure joy

Some of their other specialised macaron flavours include, elderflower, peanut butter and chocolate, match and dark chocolate, and mandarin and yuzu just to list a few! (You can check out all their flavours HERE!) At a very reasonable price starting at $2.20 each, Le Petit Jolie really has something for everyone’s tastes – so you can bet that I will be back to try some more macaron flavours in the future at this boutique Melbourne baking studio 🙂

I would like to thank Le Petit Jolie, Melbourne Macarons for providing me with my macaron tower to celebrate my 21st, and for leaving such a memorable impression to my guests.


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