Kobe Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is always a delight to try – from the enthusiasm and chattiness of the chef, to the technically “unauthentic” games that they play to catch the rice, and not to mention, the general thrill of “raw to plate” sizzling right in front of your eyes. Kobe Teppanyaki in Doncaster captures all of this in one cosy, suburban restaurant.

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The good fat: We were offered the Kobe Signature set, with a variety of meats from land to sea scattered throughout – and definitely a hearty quantity that left us with a happy and full stomach on a cold rainy Melbourne evening. Japanese food can’t get more authentic than a starter of karaage – crispy, fragrant pieces of chicken with a light mayo sauce one of the best karaage I’ve had yet in Melbourne!

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Crispy fried garlic, followed by juicy prawns, a tasting of whitefish and juicy pieces of chicken – all prepared right in front of our eyes by the talented chef. The vibes of the restaurant were so fun and bubbly – the heat of the tepnnayki grill which is often unpleasant was efficiently taken away by the vent above; Kobe Teppanyaki also featured a small Japanese-esque decoration in the corner. The chef’s comfortable sense of humour as he chatted to us throughout the night made this an interactive and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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Teppanyaki isn’t complete with teppanyaki fried rice, and this was made ESPECIALLY fun by having to work for it as the chef tossed us bowls to catch! Along with this, the satisfaction of also managing to catch pieces of chicken in your mouth was second to none. Side dishes of miso soup, a basic salad, and ice cream for dessert rounded out this wholesome experience.

Everything we tried was great – and the price was definitely reasonable for the amount and quality of food we had, being a suburban restaurant, it was especially worth it when compared to the city price tags that most Melbourne teppanyaki restaurants have attached.

The bad fat: Everything we tried was great – and we would’ve loved to have a few more seafood options to try!

CHECK OUT KOBE TEPPANYAKI, DONCASTER’S WEBSITE HERE: https://www.kobeteppanyaki.com.au/menu/teppanyaki/

2wofatgirls would like to thank Kobe Teppanyaki, Doncaster for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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