Red Spice Road

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Crispy tofu

We were delighted to be invited to Red Spice Road to celebrate the arrival of new Executive Chef, Ben McRae, bringing his fresh and vibrant take on pan-Asian food to the two Melbourne flagship restaurants, Red Spice Road and Burma Lane. Having served Melbourne’s foodie scene for over 11 years, Red Spice Road has encapsulated some of the best and most tongue-tantalising pan-Asian food in Melbourne, with of course, their famous pork belly as the star!

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Salt and Pepper Calamari

The good fat: The Crispy Tofu with Szechuan spiced eggplant was actually my favourite dish of the meal! There was something magical about the sharp kicks of chilli paired with the light crispy tofu that gave way to the decadence of the jelly-like tofu texture underneath. This is a must order from Red Spice Road – and definitely a dish that captures the true essence of Pan-Asia!

The calamari salad was chewy, and full of a burst of sweet and sour flavours. This contrasted nicely with the mellow heartiness from the beef curry. To break up all the excitement of flavours, the watermelon salad did the perfect job.

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Pork Belly

Likewise, considering Pork Belly is Red Spice Road’s most famous dish, it definitely came in as a close second for me (personally because Mum’s pork belly is still up there :P) It was coated in a very sweet, sticky caramelised sauce with that classic satisfyingly crunchy skin overlying the tender flesh underneath.

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Coconut Water Tapioca

The dessert was another stunning way to end our meal at Red Spice Road. The coconut water tapioca gave a light, panna cotta like texture blending in with my all-time favourite, peanut praline crumbles and a refreshingly fruity lychee sorbet. A unique and memorable finale!

The bad fat: After many dishes in their lunch express, we found that it was all slightly too much on the sweet side so if you ever come by, try not to think about the calories! 😛



2wofatgirls would like to thank Red Spice Road, Melbourne for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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